All the details of how Joey Essex and Love Island bombshell Grace already know each other

Ohhh she’s not happy

Love Island 2024 has just introduced new bombshell Grace Jackson, and straight away Joey Essex announced to the villa that he already knew her. “I used to see that girl,” he said as she walked in, and honestly, looked like he’d seen a ghost.

In some ways, he had. It seems as though there’s unfinished business there, and Grace is coming into the villa to set the record straight and find out why what happened between the two of them did.

Let’s get right down to business and find out all the drama between Joey Essex and Love Island 2024 bombshell Grace Jackson.

Joey Essex sees Love Island 2024 bombshell Grace Jackson

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So, how did Grace and Joey Essex already know each other before the Love Island 2024 villa?

Earlier this year, before Love Island, Grace and Joey Essex dated. The couple dated for six weeks earlier this year, but things ended badly and now Grace is apparently coming into the villa to confront him over their bitter split. Drama!

MailOnline is reporting Joey originally pursued Grace, and made loads of effort to wine and dine her, before ending things when it started to get more serious. Grace was apparently “hurt and confused” by this sudden end, as she thought things between them were going well.

Grace is said to be hoping to get some clarity on what went down, and isn’t scared for this to put a spanner in the works for Joey and Samantha, who he is currently coupled up with.

A source told MailOnline: “Joey dated Grace for six weeks and she was less than impressed by the way their relationship ended. There’s definitely some unfinished business between them and she isn’t going to hold back in expressing how she feels in the villa.

“Despite pursuing her, Joey ended up dumping Grace, which left her feeling very confused. She’s drop dead gorgeous, and Joey is bound to regret the way he treated her, not to mention the pressure it’s going to put on his new romance with Samantha.”


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