Bridgerton showrunner Eloise queer

A Bridgerton showrunner has commented on all the theories Eloise might be queer

‘She does read as queer, and I totally understand why’

Bridgerton season three has been a huge hit for Netflix, consistent with the previous seasons – as the show explores new romances and with it a load more fan theories from the Bridgerton obsessed. Season three has shown major changes in the dynamic of the characters, with Francesca and Benedict being revealed as queer and fans thinking that perhaps Eloise is also. Now, a Bridgerton showrunner has given her verdict on whether the fan theory that Eloise is queer actually has any weight from inside the writer’s room of the show.

Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell explained to TVLine about how the show isn’t actually going to be addressing the theory that Eloise might be queer. “We’ve talked about Eloise in the room a lot about the fact that to a lot of people, she does read as queer, and I totally understand why. But we felt it’s really important to hold space in this show where everyone is obsessed with romance for there to be a character — specifically a female character — for whom that is not the priority.”

Jess Brownell continued, “[Our goal] is not that Eloise just needs to meet someone of the right gender but that, in fact, she is genuinely more interested in cerebral pursuits at this moment.”

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There is a lot of weight to the Bridgerton theory Eloise is queer, with her being one of the only female characters interested in things that don’t concern being a wife or a mother since the show started. A lot of fans on Reddit have theorised about her sexuality due to her closeness with Penelope, and the fact that in season three she’s got closer to Cressida Cowper who was actually Eloise’s rival in earlier seasons.

I haven’t read the Bridgerton books – but apparently if you have you might know what is likely to happen with Eloise’s character development. So far, the Netflix show has followed Julia Quinn’s books pretty accurately.

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