Bridgerton Queen Charlotte died

Bridgerton showrunner responds to theories that Queen Charlotte will die soon in the show

In real life, Queen Charlotte died three years after season three is set

Queen Charlotte has always been one of the most iconic characters in Bridgerton. And after her spin-off was released, we loved her even more. But, if the series follows close to real-life history, we might not actually have long left with her.

In real life, Queen Charlotte died of pneumonia in 1818, and with season one of Bridgerton being set in 1813, people have assumed that season three is set in or around 1815. This means that, if Bridgerton is true to real life, we might actually see Queen Charlotte die quite soon.

But Bridgerton’s showrunner Jess Brownell has spoken about this possibility and actually said that they might just have her “live forever”. Thank GOD. She said that she’s turned the show into an alternate reality and Queen Charlotte’s living will just be part of this.

In an interview with TV Line, she said: “I worship Golda Rosheuvel, and I think she’s so fantastic in her role. Shonda [Rhimes] and I, internally, have just decided that we’re in an alternate dimension,”

Adding that Bridgerton has created an alternate history in which Lady Danbury and Queen Charlotte had created a more inclusive society, Jess added: “There’s potential that in this timeline, Queen Charlotte could live forever.”

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In another interview with Variety, she added “In reality, Queen Charlotte dies at a certain point that’s not far away. But we have sort of intentionally gone away from specifying what year we are in — even though it’s probably pretty easy to work out.

“But we just love Golda and Queen Charlotte so much that we’re trying to avoid time. And we’re in an alternate universe, in our universe, because of The Great Experiment. We’re just in a different dimension and maybe Queen Charlotte lives longer in that dimension.”

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