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Does Sabrina Carpenter ALWAYS autoplay after any song on Spotify? An investigation

Now why am I getting Espresso right after Eminem?

The Spotify autoplay feature is something I don’t actually have on all that much, because it winds me up when I finish an album and something just comes on straight away. I like a little time to digest. But one thing about Spotify autoplay right now that’s absolutely unavoidable is how, seemingly, Sabrina Carpenter crops up after anything. All over Twitter right now she is dominating the discourse, and it seems that no matter the genre that Spotify will shove on Sabrina Carpenter – whether that be Espresso or latest single Please Please Please. As a hardcore stan of both of those Sabrina Carpenter bangers, I’m happy to have her – but here’s a little investigation into whether Spotify autoplay will literally give you Sabrina whether you like her or not.

What autoplays after… Taylor Swift?

First up in my very thorough investigation into Spotify autoplay algorithms, Taylor Swift. She’s the most popular artist in the world and a friend of Sabrina’s – so I’m kind of expecting a Sabrina autoplay here. I typed Taylor’s name into the search bar and clicked on the first track that it gives me of hers for the test. I Can Do It With a Broken Heart from TTPD is the track in question.

Autoplay result: Sympathy is a Knife by Charli XCX

First up after Taylor was this new Charli track from BRAT – which hilariously enough is rumoured to be about Taylor. Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter was the autoplayed song straight after.

What autoplays after… The Weeknd?

The Weeknd is currently the most streamed artist in the world right now, with the most monthly listeners on Spotify. I would say the average listener of The Weeknd wouldn’t be anticipating Sabrina Carpenter after a track from him.

Autoplay result: Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter

Well there we are.

What autoplays after… Eminem?

Eminem is currently holding Sabrina Carpenter off the top spot of the UK charts. Obviously they’re completely different genre vibes, but I’m predicting a Sabrina moment here because I think the Spotify algorithm will presume I’m after the UK chart bangers.

Autoplay result: Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter

Eminem is working late ’cause he’s a singer it seems.

What autoplays after… Metallica?

Okay, switching the vibe right up here and going with something that sounds truly nothing like Sabrina Carpenter. I have no clue what we’re going to get. Just pressed play on Metallica – Master of Puppets.

Autoplay result: You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

A win for the autoplay working as intended and a loss for conspiracy theorists! I skipped through 20 options and she didn’t come up once – was all on theme with rock.

What autoplays after… Joni Mitchell?

My Joni is finally back on Spotify as per a few months back, so it’s only natural that we give her a little test. Will Sabrina play after the historical classic and potential best song of all time: A Case Of You?

Autoplay result: Dirty Work by Steely Dan

Another victory! No Sabrina here. No Sabrina to be found after it either.

What autoplays after… Katy Perry?

Now this diva I’m expecting to hear Sabrina – pop girl for pop girl and all that. You could definitely hear Katy Perry doing most of the Sabrina songs this era. I’ve just pressed play on Teenage Dream.

Autoplay result: Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter

Well, duh.

What autoplays after… Kendrick Lamar?

Not Like Us, Kendrick’s Drake diss track, is everywhere right now but worlds away from Sabrina Carpenter. Will she crop up on the autoplay?

Autoplay result: Talk talk by Charli XCX

Look, I’ve been hammering Charli – I can’t lie. Please Please Please was the song that came after, though.

What autoplays after… Reem by Joey Essex?

Since Joey Essex has gone on Love Island UK this year, I have rediscovered the traumatic relic that is his single “Reem”. It’s a nice song with barely any streams known only to a UK audience who lived through a very specific “you had to be there” time in UK culture. Surely, Sabrina Carpenter will not make an appearance here.

Autoplay result: Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter

I’m agog.

CONCLUSION: If you’re getting Sabrina, you asked for it

To conclude my extremely thorough investigation into Sabrina Carpenter allegedly dominating the Spotify autoplay algorithm – I truly believe that if you’re getting her a lot, then that’s what you signed up for. You’re clearly a fan. I’m a fan and I’m getting Sabrina – and when I personally listened to artists that were nothing like her I didn’t get her in the algorithm. That’s all there is to it!

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