There was a really cute easter egg in Colin and Penelope’s Bridgerton wedding scene

I couldn’t love their story any more if I tried

Just when you thought you could love the story of Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington any more, the Bridgerton creator has shared there was a really cute easter egg during their wedding.

Season three has been pretty turbulent for our fav friends to lovers duo, when in part two Colin found out Pen’s big secret of being Lady Whistledown. Despite this, he said he would still marry her as he previously agreed. Neither of them had the wedding they initially would have wanted, but after it looking as though their relationship could break down completely, at least they had a wedding at all.

One thing Bridgerton is famous for is its orchestral covers of modern songs, and show runner Jess Brownell has said the song during the wedding scene for Colin and Penelope was a massive easter egg, and definitely wasn’t just chosen at random.

Easter egg in wedding of Colin and Penelope during Bridgerton season three part two

via Netflix

The church was filled with colours of pale yellows, blues, and greens, as Penelope walked down the aisle to Coldplay – Yellow. Speaking of how this was an easter egg, Jess told Glamour: “They walk down the aisle to Coldplay’s Yellow, which is a nod to Featherington yellows and the colours there. Our costume designer John Glaser designed a very simple silhouette for Penelope, that was in some ways a nod to her being this powerful career woman. She is not super fussy in that moment. It’s a very strong silhouette.”

Penelope and Colin’s first dance at their wedding was an orchestral cover of Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me which Jess added was “perfect” because: “Thematically and lyrically, it makes so much sense for them. These characters have so many years together, and it’s not a newer relationship. It’s something that has been in the making forever. There is that sense of fate with these two. It just worked really well.”

I’m crying again!

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