Justin Timberlake arrested

Justin Timberlake has been arrested for drink-driving in the Hamptons

He’s set to appear in court later today following the arrest

Justin Timberlake has reportedly been arrested for drink driving whilst intoxicated in the affluent Sag Harbor neighbourhood in the Hamptons. He is said to currently be in custody.

It has been reported that Justin Timberlake was arrested after he went to meet friends at a hotel in Sag Harbor, and then at around 12.30 AM Tuesday morning got back into his car to drive back to his residence. Once he started driving, he was reportedly pulled over.

As per a report by TMZ, the traffic violation occurred in the early hours of Tuesday 18th June, and he is going to appear in court later on today. He is said to currently be in custody after he was pulled over by the cops, and refused to be breathalysed. His friends apparently came over and tried to convince the police officers to cut him some slack but according to TMZ they refused and it is said to be all captured on body cam footage.

Justin Timberlake is currently on tour – and has several New York dates lined up for next week after his most recent one in Miami. The Forget Tour is rebuilding Justin Timberlake’s image after this reported drink driving incident is the latest scandal to hit him, following rumours he cheated on wife Jessica Biel before they got married and the allegations from Britney Spears in her memoir about Timberlake’s behaviour whilst they were in a relationship.

This is currently a breaking news story – more details will be added as they come.

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