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Kesha seemingly shades Katy Perry after rumours her new single is produced by Dr Luke

Uh oh

Fans think a Kesha tweet from last night is a shady dig at Katy Perry after the latter announced her new single Woman’s World, which is allegedly produced by Dr Luke – the producer Kesha had been in a series of lawsuits and countersuits with from 2014 to 2023, after she claimed he “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally” abused her since the start of their working relationship. The two released a joint statement saying they’d reached a settlement in 2023. Dr Luke denies all claims.



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Katy Perry yesterday announced her new comeback single Woman’s World, which releases July 11th. Shortly after Katy Perry announced the single and teased a snippet of it on TikTok, rumours and leaks began to suggest that the song was produced by Dr Luke – who produced a lot of Perry’s early hits like I Kissed a Girl, Hot N Cold and most of the huge record breaking singles on Teenage Dream. Dr Luke also executively produced the first two Kesha albums and whilst the two stars were getting huge hits, he was working with them at the same time. Kesha and Katy Perry knew each other before both of them broke into the mainstream, and were pictured hanging out as friends numerous times.

After the rumours began circulating that Dr Luke may have produced the song alongside Cirkut after it was reported on Genius, Kesha tweeted a simple “lol”.

The tweet has caused a frenzy between the two fandoms, with the timing from Kesha coming the same night as the Katy Perry single discourse feeling very apt. Some stars do not work with Dr Luke following the allegations made by Kesha, where she has received support from huge artists in the industry such as Lady Gaga, Fiona Apple, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift – who donated $250,000 to Kesha’s legal fees. Conversely, artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Petras and Doja Cat have continued to release music produced by Dr Luke after Kesha’s allegations.

The Kesha v. Dr Luke case was dismissed by the court in 2016, but the countersuit defamation case from Dr Luke was ongoing til last year. In June, Dr Luke and Kesha settled out of court and both released statements.

At that time, Kesha said in a statement, “Only God knows what happened that night. As I have always said, I cannot recount everything that happened. I am looking forward to closing the door on this chapter of my life and beginning a new one. I wish nothing but peace to all parties involved.”

Dr. Luke also released a statement. “While I appreciate Kesha again acknowledging that she cannot recount what happened that night in 2005, I am absolutely certain that nothing happened,” he said. “I never drugged or assaulted her and would never do that to anyone. For the sake of my family, I have vigorously fought to clear my name for nearly 10 years. It is time for me to put this difficult matter behind me and move on with my life. I wish Kesha well.”

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