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This wild Bridgerton theory says Cressida will be Benedict’s love interest next season?!

Loads of clues point to Cressida being Sophie

With season three of Bridgerton now over, everyone is speculating about which Bridgerton sibling the next season will follow. And although there is speculation about it being Eloise, most people are assuming it will be Benedict, given he is the third story in the books and was skipped for this season.

Benedict’s love interest in the books is Sophie Beckett, and their whole relationship is really adorable. But even though some people think we’ve seen a glimpse of Sophie already in season three, one theory suggests that we actually already know her VERY well. Yep, people think that Benedict’s love interest is none other than Cressida Cowper. Have a look at this TikTok:


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It basically says that Cressida follows a lot of Benedict’s shots and vice versa as well as the charades scene when there is a focus on Benedict and Cressida. There is also a lot of symbolism of clocks and Cinderella in season three and in the books, Benedict meets Sophie at a masquerade ball in an iconic scene. Therefore, the theory suggests that Cressida will come back from her Aunt’s under the alias Sophie and meet Benedict at the ball wearing the mask.


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There are also several variations of the theory. Other people have suggested that Sophie will be somehow related to Cressida as Cressida’s mother is called Araminta, which also happens to be the name of Sophie’s stepmother in the books. Whilst another Bridgerton viewer guessed that Sophie would be the maid of Cressida when she leaves for Wales, as the whole conflict of Benedict’s book is that she is a maid and can’t be with him because of class differences.


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Whatever variation of the theory you believe, I am convinced that Cressida is linked to Sophie in some way.

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