All the Bridgerton cast members who have confirmed they’ll be back in season four

The day Anthony Bridgerton quits the show is the day I do the same

After each season of Bridgerton so far have come announcements that certain cast members won’t be returning. I still remember where I was when Regé-Jean Page said he wouldn’t be The Duke anymore, and then Phoebe Dynevor never came back as Daphne for season three. So, should we be preparing for the same heartbreak with the cast of Bridgerton season four?

Whilst all has been quite tight-lipped on season four and whose story it will tell, show runner Jess Brownell has spoken about making the show and its next season, and said she is “really excited” about what’s to come. She said we have a long wait of two years before it will be ready for Netflix.

So, do we know anything about who is coming back? Here is a rundown of what the Bridgerton cast members have said about their possible returns for season four.

Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton will be back as Penelope and Colin

Bridgerton cast for season four

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We don’t have to worry about a curse of Bridgerton cast members have their leading season and then quitting the show, as Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton have confirmed their characters Pen and Colin will be back in the cast of season four.

“I’m excited for the happily ever after and to see what that brings,” Luke told Town & Country of the future plot for Colin and Penelope. “I have so much trust in Jess [Brownell, the show runner] that it will always be interesting and always be exciting. That’s also the joy of being in the Bridgeton family: There’s always going to be drama. There’s always going to be something I get to help out with or causing mischief or whatever it is.”

He said he also hopes that in future storylines Colin and Penelope will “lean into the comedy” and show their funny side as a couple. I can’t wait!

Eloise and Benedict will also be back

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Whilst Bridgerton hasn’t confirmed whose love story will be told next in the show, the two firm favourites are Eloise and Benedict, who will be back regardless of which way around their stories are told.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Claudia Jessie who plays Eloise said: “I don’t know anything. But I’m going to be so brokenhearted when I have to stop playing Eloise. I just want to be here as long as I can.”

There were a few hints that Benedict could be up next, but actor Luke Thompson is giving nothing away, either. “Oh, my God, no. I don’t even know if it is next season,” he said in the same interview. “I couldn’t possibly comment. I know nothing.” He did however say he’s excited to “deep dive” into Benedict’s character in seasons to come.

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey will ‘do all they can’ to be back as Kate and Anthony

Bridgerton cast for season four

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Kate and Anthony are the best thing about Bridgerton, end of. After getting married in season two they stuck around for season three, and if Simone and Jonathan get their way that won’t be the end.

They definitely aren’t ready to say goodbye to their characters, and when asked by People, whether she plans to continue her onscreen romance in season four, Simone said: “I really hope so.”

“Both Johnny and I, we adore our characters, Kate and Anthony, so much and their relationship and what they mean for the show,” she continued. “I think we’ll do all we can with our schedules to make it work so that we can, hopefully.”

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