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Inside wild Love Island theory that Joey and Grace were still together before the show

It would explain why Joey didn’t kiss Samantha for two weeks

Over on Love Island Reddit, there is one theory that is dominating more than any other. And that theory is that Joey Essex and Grace Jackson were already a couple before this series of Love Island started. Not just the fact they had history and dated each other, which we’ve obviously seen play out explosively over the last few episodes – but that the two of them signed up to the show already together and are putting on an act. And whilst it seems a bit far fetched and staged, honestly… the Reddit Love Island fans have some Grace and Joey theory points that really make a lot of sense.

Joey didn’t kiss Samantha for two weeks!

Joey and Samantha coupled up at the start of the show and despite the fact she was really into him, it kind of felt like something was missing. The two never kissed – which is honestly wild considering they were sharing a bed for two weeks and even went out of the villa for a cute little date.

As soon as Grace came in as a bombshell with Tiffany and Wil, Joey obviously told everyone he knew her and since that moment they’ve been instantly hotting up, necking on, running off to the other villa and Samantha was left in the dust really. Which all came to a head last night after she got dumped from the island. But what if Joey and Grace’s reunion wasn’t a rekindling, but just their plan along?

Reddit thinks the two of them never even split up

Fans of Love Island on Reddit have a theory Grace and Joey went onto the show knowing each other were going in and had a pact to act single before developing their relationship on the show. One explained “I really think they both knew they were going to be in the villa. Grace was the first rumoured islander by the media back in May, so long before the lineup even travelled. So Joey definitely knew that she would be there at any moment.”

Another explained a theory why Uma didn’t recouple with Joey

This one is wild. A Redditor says “I had a little light bulb moment about why Uma never picked Joey to couple up with. We could clearly see something was weird about that. My thoughts are that Uma met Grace in holding and knew she was coming in for Joey, so obviously didn’t want to go that route.

“Grace and Uma were leaked about the same time so probably were likely in holding during the same period. Maybe even Joey. We kept thinking Grace was going to be a day one bombshell, but obviously Uma went in first. Uma also was acting really friendly towards Grace, especially in the Casa villa.”

Also – a Halloween costume clue from last year…

Another eagle eyed Reddit viewer made the point that last year Joey went as The Joker for Halloween, and Grace went as Harley Quinn. They weren’t pictured together but it is majorly sus!

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