Kids from the iconic Cadbury eyebrows dance advert now

15 years on, this is what the kids from the iconic Cadbury eyebrows advert are up to now

They’re still in touch!

I need everyone to take a quick moment to appreciate it’s been 15 whole years since the Cadbury eyebrows kids graced our screens in the iconic advert. Excuse me, what?

The year is 2009. You’ve just got in after a long walk home from school. The TV is on, and it’s an ad break during Art Attack. The advert is for Cadbury and you see two children, sitting in front of a grey backdrop at a photographer’s studio. The two children begin frantically dancing with their eyebrows along to a song in the background. The girl whacks out a balloon and starts squeaking it as she moves her brows. The dancing intensifies. The advert may be weird, but life is good.

Now fast forward 15 years and guess what? The Cadbury eyebrows kids might be loads older, but they’re still going on about their viral fame. To be fair, if it were me I’d be dining out on that for my entire life. So, what are the (not so) kids up to now?

Let’s just say, the Cadbury eyebrows kids are much much older now

The two in the advert were Bradley Ford and Georgia Wake. At the time they were 11-years-old. Bradley has said all this time on, now aged 26, he can still do the iconic eyebrow dance, and he has a TikTok account where he shows it off. His videos have been getting millions of views.

After the advert, Bradley went on to star in small roles in Doctor Who, Law And Order: UK, and Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black. He now works as a video editor and painter and decorator from Chelsea, west London.

Speaking of how his big break came about, he said: “I went to a private theatre school when I was younger from about eight years old. They had their own agency and I was sent to loads of auditions. I knew it was for Cadbury but didn’t know what I was doing.

“They just said ‘wiggle your eyebrows for the camera’ – and that was it! Prior to the advert I didn’t know I’d be moving my eyebrows, so I didn’t know I had an eyebrow talent and it was obviously good enough as I went to four recalls! Before I knew it, I had landed the role.”

Bradley said his friends still “embarrass” him and call him “the Cadbury kid”. He said: “I don’t typically bring it up but my friends always embarrass me! It was an advert in 2009. I actually met my girlfriend, Shannon, through a mutual friend and he ended up spilling the beans to her. She didn’t think much of it at the time but now she finds it bizarre!”


Replying to @Britney Ford What do you think 🤨 @CadburyUK #cadbury #eyebrowkid #fyp #foryou #viral

♬ original sound – The Eyebrow Kid 🍫

Bradley went viral again this week when he recreated the iconic advert on TikTok – and has said he would love to recreate it with Georgia, too.

He added: “I’m still in contact with the girl in the video. We don’t message that much but we have each other’s socials. I’d love to get back together and redo the ad – maybe Cadbury should do a Christmas special!”

Speaking of Georgia, she is much less public now but did appear as Olivia in one episode of My Family, and briefly in Holby City. In the same year as the Cadbury advert, she appeared in the iconic noughties kids’ show, Horrible Histories. She then went on to study a course at Berkshire College of Agriculture.

These days she’s thought to be the same age as Bradley, and her socials show she too is happily in a relationship now. Cute!

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