The mirror scene took Bridgerton three whole days to film and it sounds wild

No wonder they broke the chaise lounge it was filmed on!

When watching the mirror scene in Bridgerton season three, apart from the obvious romance and being hooked on Colin and Penelope, I couldn’t help but think about what it was like to film. Well, all has been revealed.

After finally confessing their love to each other and having a steamy moment in the carriage scene in part one, season three part two saw Polin go all the way. It turns out it took Bridgerton three days to put together the mirror scene, the sauciest season three moment, and each day focused on perfecting something else in the take.

Episode five is called “Tick Tock” and focused around Penelope having until the end of the day to tell Colin she’s Whistledown, but it also managed to squeeze in an entire six-minute sex scene.

Bridgerton season three mirror scene

via Netflix

Both Luke Newton (Colin) and Nicola Coughlan (Penelope) worked extensively with the Bridgerton intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot, to film the mirror scene. The team filmed the mirror scene over three days, with the first day completely focused on Penelope undressing in front of Colin.

Luke said in an interview with Vanity Fair he was focused on “supporting Nic” during the first day, to make sure she was “comfortable on set and in that environment.” He added: “It’s closed sets, so there’s not loads of crew there, but there is a crowd of people around us while we’re going to expose ourselves. I just wanted her to feel supported and safe.”

Day two of filming was Luke’s “turn” to be naked, and he said he felt “completely” supported by Nicola in return. He added: “It’s like these different stages that we’ll go through together, and we can only understand how each other feels.”

Filming then went on for a third day, and the pair shared a picture of how they broke the chaise lounge they filmed it on. Speaking of how it happened, Luke said: “Our director at the time took a step back and said, ‘Right. Let’s just mix it up, this take, and let’s really sort of go for this one. Let’s up the energy basically, and up the stakes.’ Then I think we were maybe 20 seconds in, and one of the legs just completely snapped off.”


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