The six huge Bridgerton season three easter eggs that hint Benedict’s story will be next

Was it written in a Lady Whistledown column all along?

Bridgerton is keeping it all very hush hush about whose love story will be told in season four – but if the eagle eyed viewers are on the money, there have been plenty of easter eggs hinting it will focus around Benedict.

Benedict Bridgerton having his story told next would make the most sense. His story was meant to be next in the series, following the order of the books, but it was skipped over for season three to focus around Polin. Plus, the fans are literally crying out to see him in the lead. But still, it could be Eloise next, it could be a different sibling. They keep us on our toes!

Show runner Jess Brownell recently told TV Insider: “I do think that there are some clues at the end of season three of where we’re headed … I think we’re tipping our hand just a little bit.” So, what have all these apparent hints been? Here’s a rundown of all the easter eggs hinting at Benedict Bridgerton taking the front of stage for season four of the show.

Benedict Bridgerton story easter eggs

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The masquerade ball ending

At the end of Bridgerton season three, Eloise is moving away until next year. Eloise says she is sure to be returning because her mother would never “let her miss her masquerade ball”.

Oh, there’s a masquerade ball coming next year is there? Well, in Benedict’s book, An Offer from a Gentleman, it’s at his family’s masquerade ball where he falls in love with his wife, Sophie Beckett. Interesting!

Benedict Bridgerton story easter eggs

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‘It’s now time to look forward to the future’

Lady Whistledown holds all the biggest tea, and there was a line in her finale episode narration that said “it’s now time to look forward to the future”. Where did the camera pan during this line? To Benedict, of course.

Lady Whistledown’s latest column also gave a huge clue

I hate to say it’s been staring us in the face, but there was a potentially huge clue in the final Whistledown column. At the end of season three we saw a flash forward scene, and Pen is now writing her column’s signed off from herself, and no longer anonymous.

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If you look closely, she had some pretty tasty gossip. The column speaks of someone “spending a lot of time with a certain unmarried young lady.” It continues: “Of course, she naturally had family to visit in the country and has rarely been seen around London since. However, that was a few years ago now and has long since been forgotten.”

How is this clue you ask? Well, there’s a Bridgerton book that revolves around a child born out of wedlock: Benedict’s story. Sophie, Benedict’s love interest, was raised “across England” too, so is this a subtle nod? The show runner did say there were hints at the end of the season, and this was right at the end!

Benedict and Eloise talking about love

Every season we will get a touching moment between Eloise and Benedict, when they sit on the swing and chat together. This season, the siblings spoke about love and future prospects. Benedict opened up about the idea of love, which would be perfect ahead of his season.

The theory that Cressida could be Sophie

Benedict Bridgerton story easter eggs

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Speaking of love and Benedict’s interest in Sophie, there’s a wild theory about how the end of season three could set this all up. Basically, people think Benedict’s love interest is none other than Cressida Cowper. Viewers have spotted a lot of Benedict scenes are followed by scenes about Cressida, and vice versa, and have huge theories about how Cressida will return.

We know Benedict meets Sophie at a masquerade ball and a wild theory suggests Cressida will come back from her aunt’s masquerading as Sophie, and meet Benedict at the ball wearing the mask. How very A Cinderalla Story!

Benedict is… opening up

We all watched episode eight, you know what I mean. Benedict has very much been more open about his sexuality and interest in romance. It’s happening!

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