All the Islanders Ronnie Vint knew before Love Island 2024

All the previous and current Islanders Ronnie secretly already knew before Love Island 2024

Is there anyone this man doesn’t know?

It’s just been revealed that Love Island 2024 cast member Ronnie Vint previously knew new bombshell Matilda – but she’s just one of many Islanders he knew before getting on the show.

Oh yes, our guy Ronnie is a well connected man. It really was just a matter of time before producers noticed him and he was in the villa. He’s had nights out with the current Islanders, and has been moving in friendship circles with show icons for years.

Here’s a complete rundown of all the current and previous Islanders Ronnie knew before Love Island 2024.

Ronnie and Uma had met before becoming Islanders on Love Island 2024

Ronnie Vint knew Uma before Love Island 2024

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When Uma first walked into the Love Island 2024 villa Ronnie said he recognised her. It was quickly realised they had got together on a night out, when Uma asked him “Do you remember the night?” and Ronnie replied, “Oh, yeah”. During the Euros four years ago, the pair of them met at Ballie Ballerson, and kissed!

Ronnie is very close mates with Love Island legend Olivia Attwood

Ronnie is best mates with footballer Bradley Dack, and through this has become extremely close to his wife and ex-Islander, Olivia Attwood. Ronnie was best man at the couple’s wedding.

Ahead of Love Island 2024, Ronnie said: “Bradley Dack is my best friend and he and Olivia are a big part of my life. I call Olivia my big little sister, she always looks out for me.”

He used to date Love Island winner Amber Davies!

Ronnie should know exactly how to play it in the villa, because he dated 2017 winner Amber Davies. A source said: “Ronnie and Amber enjoyed getting to know each other but things were not meant to be.” Asked if he had dated a celebrity, he told The Sun on Sunday: “Yeah a couple but they are both in relationships now.”

Ronnie is also linked to Love Island 2024 bombshell Matilda

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Uma isn’t the only Love Island 2024 bombshell Ronnie knows, he also knows Matilda. On the show Ronnie said Matilda used to date one of his mates, and it’s been spotted both Matilda and Ronnie still follow each other on Instagram.

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