The mega net worths of The Boys cast, ranked by who’s actually the richest

Give Starlight a pay rise for slaying

The Boys is back for series four, and it’s more chaos than ever. If you think you’ve seen this show at its goriest and weirdest with its sex scenes, you’ve seen nothing yet. We’re only three episodes in and it’s deeply chaotic – and I’d have it no other way. With The Boys now running for four seasons, the main cast have seen their fame sky rocket along with their net worths – so here’s a ranked rundown of how rich they all really are.

And they’ve still got the final fifth season in the pipeline to rake in even more!

13. Karen Fukuyama (Kimiko) – $800,000

Karen pays the regenerative super Kimiko on The Boys, and makes a huge impact despite the character’s mutism. Even though Karen has had huge cinema roles in the past like Katana in Suicide Squad, she’s got the lowest of all The Boys main cast net worths at $800K.

12. Colby Minifie (Ashley) – $1 million

Considering she is playing the most stressed person on planet earth, Colby Minifire is raking in a decent amount as her role has got bigger over the course of the show.

11. Nathan Mitchell (Black Noir) – $1 million

I never saw the actor who plays Black Noir until now, but Nathan Mitchell is matching Colby and also has got a $1 million estimated net worth. Not bad considering no one sees his face and he’s got no dialogue!

10. Tomer Kapon (Frenchie) – $1.5 million

Frenchie in his bi era this season and I’m loving it. One of the best characters in the gang, and despise not really seeing Kapon in much before he’s estimated right now at $1.5 mil – and he’s been a main character since the very start.

9. Claudia Domit (Victoria Neuman) – $1.7 million

Claudia Domit has had such a fun role to play with Neuman, going from ally to eventual major villain and someone who’s seen her role increase in money as she becomes further embedded in the plot.

8. Antony Starr (Homelander) – $2 million

Considering Antony Starr IS The Boys and Homelander is the most iconic character of the whole show – so scary, so recognisable – I actually thought he’d be ranked even higher here.

7. Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk) – $2.5 million

The Boys cast net worths

Alonso has portrayed Mother’s Milk since the show began, and has built up a decent net worth. He was also in Avatar back in 2009 – which obviously was a huge box office success.

6. Dominique McElligott (Queen Maeve) – $3 million

The Boys cast net worths

That is MOTHER right there. Despite the fact she’s not in series four (or if she is, we haven’t seen her yet) Dominique has racked up a very decent $3 million net worth.

5. Jack Quaid (Hughie) – $4 million

Hate Hughie so much, but honestly thought nepo baby in chief Jack Quaid would be right at the top of this list. He apparently has a net worth of $4 million – and kicks off The Boys cast top five biggest net worths in this rundown.

4. Jessie T. Usher (A-Train) – $4 million

The Boys cast net worths

A-Train has had a journey throughout The Boys where he feels at the forefront of the narrative and then sometimes feels like a spare part. Nonetheless, Jessie T. Usher has a decent $4 mil net worth estimated.

3. Erin Moriarty (Starlight) – $5 million

The Boys cast net worths

This icon is my fave character in The Boys, so I’m so happy to see Erin Moriarity kicking off the top three biggest net worths in the cast. She has an estimated net worth of $5 mil.

2. Chase Crawford (The Deep) – $6 million

The Boys cast net worths

Chase Crawford comes in second richest out of the cast – which isn’t that surprising considering he had a major role in Gossip Girl for years which would have earned him a fortune way before The Boys.

1. Karl Urban (Butcher) – $20 million

The Boys cast net worths

Karl Urban has been a famous name in the industry for years before The Boys – and earned a lot of his whopping $20 mil doing huge films like The Lord of the Rings franchise. He is miles ahead of the rest of the cast with $20 million estimated.

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