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Francesca foreshadowed her later heartbreaking story at the start of Bridgerton season three

I’m not ready for this!

It turns out Francesca Bridgerton foreshadowed her upcoming tragic storyline in the first episode of Bridgerton season three. The books tells us what is next in her story, and if you don’t want the spoilers or your heart broken you should probably look away now.

The end of Bridgerton season three teased part of Francesca’s story and what is to come for her next. We were introduced to Michaela Stirling, the cousin of Francesca’s husband John Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin.

In the book, Michaela is actually a man called Michael, and Francesca has a relationship with him. This comes after John tragically passes away, two years on from his marriage to Francesca.

After the death, Michael flees out of grief, but returns years later. At this point, Francesca wants to remarry and have children. Micheal had always had secret feelings for Francesca, and the couple fall in love and start a family. It looks as though Netflix may follow this story, but with Michaela, meaning it’s the first major queer love storyline in the show.

Francesca foreshadowed her story in scene from Bridgerton season three

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However, you may have spotted that Francesca foreshadowed her future heartbreak, right at the start of Bridgerton season three. We all know she loves playing the piano, and in episode one she is in the Bridgerton household, playing.

She’s heard playing Mozart’s “Little Funeral March” in C minor, a nod to her sad future and the book that tells it, When He Was Wicked. 

If her story does happen like this, Netflix fans might be mad. There’s already a petition to have Michaela’s character reversed back to Michael, to honour the original books.

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