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Where Taylor Swift meets Regency: Inside the vibey TikTok accounts of the Bridgerton cast

Florence Hunt’s TikToks are the gifts that keeps on giving

The lives of the Bridgerton cast are seen through their TikTok accounts and we can see what they get up to when not filming. There is a lot of sparkly makeup, fit checks and working with the Kardashians – sounds exhausting. Not to mention, the iconic cast TikTok, thanks to Florence Hunt, with their Beyoncé dances in period gowns.

Some of the cast still don’t have TikTok, specifically Jonathan Bailey and Luke Thompson who would be great influencers. However, Florence Hunt who plays Hyacinth Bridgerton has her camera at the ready to make sure they get a cameo on her page. It seems this cast never stop when the cameras aren’t rolling. So let’s take a look at some of the vibey TikTok accounts of the Bridgerton cast:

Florence Hunt



♬ My ex man brought his new girlfriend – ladies lunching

Florence Hunt’s TikTok is the place to go for wanting to see the cast lip sync Taylor Swift together. Recently, in an interview with Good Morning America, Florence said: “We literally have spent more time filming our TikToks than actually filming.” Apparently behind the scenes Florence provides the camera and the trending sounds. This is the most millennial cast of our time but I hope they keep making more cast videos together.


paris with @Dior

♬ ex factor – <3

When not filming group TikToks, Florence is jetting off to Paris to watch Dior’s show. The fit was very chic and everyone was commenting on her TikTok saying that she looks like a younger Kaya Scodelario and I totally see it.


fit day threeeee🤝

♬ Originalton – Wim

The star went to NYC for the season three part two premiere and filmed all her outfit looks. If I had a wardrobe that looked as cool as Florence’s, I would be doing fit checks everyday on my TikTok. She has an effortless cool girl aesthetic, worlds away from the regal costumes. She is a natural at being an influencer and I’m obsessed with her outfits.


thriving and diving

thriving and diving

Or her TikTok is showing off her holidays to Corfu, again making us all jealous.

Nicola Coughlan


Everybody’s wearing @SKIMS

♬ original sound – nicolacoughlan

IT girl of the last few months, Nicola Coughlan’s TikTok shows us behind the scenes of her glamorous shoot for SKIMs. Just casual pals with Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS campaign has even been posted on Instagram by Kim herself, showing that she is clearly a Bridgerton fan.

If not shooting with the Kardashians, Nicola is spilling her beauty secrets for Vogue. Honestly, I need to get the details of Nicola’s dermatologist as she is glowing! Her words in this video could not be truer of “leave millennials alone we’re trying our best.”

Nicola Coughlan’s account is a Devil Wears Prada dream as she was the cover girl for Stylist Magazine. She is a busy woman and seems to be getting snatched up by all the latest beauty campaigns which her TikTok promotes. Does this girl ever catch a break?

Of course, there’s many TikToks of her at premieres for Bridgerton, probably just another day at the office for her. She’s definitely working late cause she’s an actress.

Charithra Chandran


certified bop

♬ original sound – Tommy Richman

Charithra’s TikTok is constantly showing off her new makeup looks and replying to her followers to say which products she used. At least she is spilling her beauty secrets and I want a tutorial for how to master the glittery eyeshadow.
Or, like the others she is getting ready for an awards show, the life of a Bridgerton star of course.
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