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Andrew Scott to Nicola Coughlan: All the celebs spotted at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in London

Hugh Grant confirmed there were tequila shots in the VIP tent

So the first set of shows in Wembley Stadium for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are officially completed and a lot of celebrities went. Normally large concerts are a hotspot to see random famous people hanging out together and this weekend proved that.

To go from the royals, to Bridgerton stars, to the Fleabag cast, there’s a whole mix of people that went to support Taylor. A lot of the celebrities were pictured in the Eras Tour VIP tent which I assume they are invited in to go watch – it’s not a resell ticket that’s for sure.

Some celebrities were seen just in normal seats or standing and for the most part all celebrities seemed happy to chat to fans. I mean three hours of Taylor Swift and tequila shots would definitely put me in a great mood. Here’s a roundup of all the celebrities that were spotted over the weekend at the Eras Tour in London:

Travis Kelce

Award for most supportive boyfriend goes to Travis Kelce who has been spotted at every show in London across the weekend. He has been spotted doing the choreography of So High School and was even up on stage on the Sunday night as a cameo appearance with his girlfriend. Jason Kelce, Travis’s brother Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce were also there on the first night to support – I’m hoping a proposal is on the cards after the Eras Tour!

Nicola Coughlan and Jonathan Van Ness

At least Nicola Coughlan wasn’t there on the night that apparently Swift threw shade at Kim Kardashian – awks. I can only imagine though how fun it must be to friends with Nicola Coughlan and Jonathan Van Ness. The pair looked like they were having the best time together on night one in the VIP celebrity box.

Emilia Clarke

A rogue pairing was Travis Kelce and Emilia Clarke on night one, singing together in the VIP box to the infamous So High School bridge. Gutted that VIP box tickets weren’t available on Ticketmaster.

Prince William

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If you haven’t seen the video of William dancing to Shake It Off then please search that before continuing to read. It was giving me after one drink at a pres. Its iconic that Taylor Swift hard launched Travis with the royals casually in the picture, Joe Alwyn must be trembling.

Rachel Zegler

Personally, I love seeing celebrities just trying to not be a celebrity. Rachel Zegler was spotted standing on the floor, not in the VIP box and even suggested trading friendship bracelets with fans on X.

Theo James

PSA: Theo James crush is back again. What could make you fancy this man more than him not only being a Swiftie but videos of him skipping around Wembley Stadium with his nieces?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott

Obviously, one of the most insane TV duos of all time, Hot Priest and Fleabag had to reunite. I mean, Fleabag would definitely have All Too Well (10 minute version) on her playlist – if you’ve watched Fleabag you’ll understand.

Piers Morgan

This was not on my 2024 bingo card but Piers Morgan is a Taylor Swift fan and he event posted on X several times about how much he loved the show. I would love to hear his rendition of the bridge of Cruel Summer.

Sophie Turner and Gracie Abrams

A power move is going to your ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend’s world tour. Hanging out with Gracie Abrams, Sophie Turner was seen at the last night of the tour just before Gracie got up on stage to sing her new song with Swift.

Hugh Grant

Who knew Hugh Grant would be the one to spill the gossip on the celebrity VIP tent? #tequilashots is now my new motto for summer 2024 as Hugh seems to claim that’s what he and Travis Kelce were drinking at the Eras tour. Hugh was also spotted eating carrots during Paramore, an interesting concert snack of choice.

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