Doctor Who Millie Gibson season two

Right, is Millie Gibson back for season two of Doctor Who or has Ruby actually left the show?

The show said the Doctor would have two companions next series, but rumours are saying otherwise

It’s all a bit confusing with Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who, and whether Ruby Sunday will still be the Doctor’s companion in season two. There were loads of rumours before season one started that Millie Gibson would be departing, and then it was announced on the show’s official social feeds that the Doctor would have two companions for season two – Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday and Varada Sethu in an unnamed role. But with Saturday’s final episode of season one Empire of Death showing Ruby say an emotional goodbye to the Doctor and travelling in the Tardis, it remains unclear how she comes back for the next series. Here’s an explainer on the reports of what’s happening and if Millie Gibson will be back in Doctor Who as Ruby Sunday for season two.

What Russell T Davies has said

Showrunner Russell T Davies has explained that Ruby Sunday will be coming back. He says “This is a pause. I genuinely felt Ruby’s story paused there. She couldn’t get all that information about her family, all that emotional overload, and run off in the TARDIS. It pauses there. She’s coming back.”

“A new companion is coming in, but you’ll see the three of them together,” he said. “Three people in this TARDIS fighting evil. There are really crucial stories for Ruby to come, and her family. We were ordered for two years of a series off Disney and the Ruby Sunday story literally spans those two years.”


Insiders are saying slightly differently

With the rumours Varada Sethu was becoming a companion after scenes were seen of her and Ncuti Gatwa shooting season two, the show eventually confirmed that she would indeed be in the second series. She also cropped up in season one, playing Mundy in the episode Boom.

One insider told the Mirror about what’s allegedly going on with Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in season two of Doctor Who. “In next year’s series there is a big standalone episode featuring Ruby reminiscing about her time with the Doctor, as a flashback. And then the story about her and her family members is wrapped up in the season finale. But it’s more about them than her.”

The insider is allegedly claiming that Millie Gibson will only feature in two of the eight episodes in series two. “Millie is barely there as Ruby, she is a fleeting presence. The audience will see for themselves when the series airs next year.”

Very intriguing.

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