Who smokes and who vapes in the Love Island 2024 villa has been revealed

The Islanders apparently spent one night chain smoking

It’s been a long, long time since Islanders could smoke and chat openly on camera. So now, every year we’re left wondering who in the cast smokes or vapes – but dumped Love Island 2024 Islanders have spilled all.

In the All Stars villa we had iconic stories of Georgia Steel and Anton pushing to the front of the queue to get their fixes, and we know there are a lot of tough rules for Islanders who want to smoke. Islanders have to disclose to producers if they smoke before hand, and are only allowed to do so in a designated area one at a time, so no juicy convos happen off-camera.

Speaking on the Not My Bagg podcast, dumped Islanders Patsy and Munveer shared all about who in the Love Island 2024 cast smokes, and who vapes.

Love Island 2024 cast who smokes and who vapes

via ITV

So, who smokes or vapes in the Love Island 2024 villa?

When asked by podcast host Joe Baggs who vapes, Munveer said that Jess and Sean had left the villa to vape whilst they were there. There are also a couple of villa smokers, one of which being Patsy herself, who said in the chat she was conscious of her “fag breath” whilst getting to know Munveer.

“When I was talking to Munveer, he’s such a clean freak, if I come in with fag breath, it’s going to put him off even more,” Patsy said. “So yeah, brushed my teeth afterwards.”

She also revealed the Omar is a smoker, and “had cigarettes and a lighter in his box.” Patsy clarified cast members who smoke or vape each have “little boxes outside the front door” and “have to go one by one, and every one has got a box.”

Patsy then went on to describe one night where they were “chaining it”, and said: “One night, we only had one drink, so I just had two cigarettes chaining it to get some sort of rush and then I actually fell over on my wedges.” Ouch.

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