Sabrina Carpenter petty

Sabrina Carpenter posted a guy’s negative post about her song and he’s deleted his Twitter

She’s getting dragged for being petty, but perhaps she had a point

Last night, Sabrina Carpenter got her first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 with Please Please Please. To celebrate, she posted the announcement on Twitter alongside a viral tweet from a guy who criticised the song when it came out. Sabrina Carpenter left in his name and his handle, and after so much backlash from Carpenter fans he first locked his account, before fully deleting it. Everyone is kind of divided on whether this is okay to not – and Sabrina Carpenter has had backlash from people critical of this petty move from her as well as support for people who completely get where she’s coming from.

When Please Please Please dropped a couple weeks back as the successor to the smash hit Espresso, Twitter user @chaserojo posted a Tweet that said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone fumble a second single this hard. My goodness.” The post has been viewed 7.5 million times on Twitter / X.

I never agreed with this sentiment personally, and Sabrina Carpenter obviously proved him wrong with the music and the commercial success. It’s already got nearly 200 million streams and has now hit number one, and the video went viral too. Sharing how grateful she is about the success, Sabrina Carpenter posted the announcement.

The original poster of the tweet that was critical of the song first locked his account, assumedly because Carpenter fans flocked to his profile to tweet him.

As of publishing, the @chaserojo account has now been fully deactivated.

People online are split on whether this is a funny, petty power move from Sabrina Carpenter having the last laugh or a move that actually has sent a lot of her Stans to give him a pile on that he wasn’t anticipating. The account who criticised her only is small, with 4.4K followers.

Whilst Sabrina Carpenter is well within her rights to give a petty clap back to her detractors, my personal stance on this is that if you are an artist releasing your music of course people are going to have opinions on it – and I don’t know if it’s hugely responsible for a popular singer to post something that’s obviously going to get this person dogpiled. Whether Carpenter has a responsibility for the behaviour of her fanbase that would do so is also up for debate.

Writer Jason Okundaye shared his thoughts on it, saying “I think it’s bad for pop stars to do this, sorry. [It’s] One thing to ignore your stans behaviour another to encourage it.”

If an artist as huge as Taylor Swift with a fanbase as rabid as Swifties did the same, would it be fair game? The jury’s out.

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