Perfect Match season two cast claim final vote result was rigged

Chris from Perfect Match is claiming the season two cast had a ‘treaty’ to rig the final vote

‘Did Nigel and Christine deserve to win? Absolutely not’

Umm, in a wild turn of events, Chris from Perfect Match season two is claiming cast members had a “treaty” in order to rig the final vote and who won the show.

The finale of the show has just aired, and saw Christine and Nigel crowned “the perfect match”, winning the show. Now you might be thinking, who? How did this happen? Yeah, Christine and Nigel were literally on the show for one episode, and were basically paired to free up Kaz for Micah. It wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven, yet they still won the entire show.

Viewers of the show are pretty united: Steven and Alara were the most genuine by the end, and should have won. Chris has posted to say he thinks he and Tolu should have won, and has gone as far to say that the cast members had a secret “treaty” to rig the final vote.

“You’re probably wondering how the hell did Nigel and Christine win Perfect Match,” he said in a video. “Obviously Tolu and I should have won. Anyone knows that. So what happens is, every single cast member on the show gets a vote. If you’re in the house, outside the house, it doesn’t matter.

“So we all know there can only be 10 people in that house at one time. So, people outside of the house, the ones that didn’t really get inside the house that much, they either got kicked off or they didn’t really come in because they got the boot because they didn’t influence the other dates to match with them – what they did, is they made a little treaty. They made a little deal.

“They made the treaty that if one person from this group, from the outside house group, gets into the finale with one of the final couples, we all will vote for them. Nigel is one, Christine is the other. They didn’t really get in the house that much, this is their first time really in the house, they just matched up! They’d been on for one episode!

“Everyone’s gonna ask like, how the hell did they win? Everyone outside the house during that ‘pact’ voted for Nigel and Christine to win it. Did they deserve to win Perfect Match? Absolutely not.”

Christine has since denied all this and has claimed the only pact was one to keep her out of the villa. The Tab has contacted Netflix for comment, but is yet to receive a reply. Drama?!

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