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Right, why exactly are people commenting ‘crop’ and ‘story time’ on TikTok?

What do they MEAN?

Remember when annoying people used to spam the entire Bee Movie script under random Instagram posts? Or when someone would constantly post weird, sexual copypastas under YouTube videos? I’m devastated to announce this strange trend has finally surfaced on TikTok – and people are really confused.

If you’ve been online at least once over the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen entire comment sections invaded by users saying “crop?” and “story time.” No-one knows where they came from, where the trend started or why everyone seems to be in on the joke except themselves. I mean, to be honest, it feels like secondary school all over again.

So, what do “crop” and “story time” actually mean on TikTok? And, more importantly, have we *really* all just been excluded from some huge in-joke?

what does crop and story time mean

In short… yes. Apparently, people have been unironically commenting these things since the app found its feet. Originally, “story time” genuinely meant the commenter wanted the creator to talk more about the subject of their video. “Crop” was a just a quick way to ask for a cropped version of the original video.

As the comments became more frequent, some extremely edgy TikTok users decided to spam comments with “crop” and “story time” in order to make fun.

So, yeah. TL;DR – the comments are meaningless, the jokes are meaningless and everything is meaningless.

@hungrycarterpillar It was funny for maybe 2 seconds… let’s let it rest now🥲❤️ #storytime #crop ♬ original sound – Bartier

Okay, so how do we get rid of these comments?

According to Mashable, there’s a way to prevent these comments from bothering you again. Just click on the three bars in the top-right-hand side of your TikTok profile, tap “Settings and Privacy,” select “Comments” and add in your “Filtered Keywords.”

what do crop and story time mean on TikTok

You’re welcome.

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