The results are in: These are your LUSU Officers for 2024/25

Voting has been open Tuesday 5th March to Thursday 7th March, with results announced Friday 8th March

Meet the local lancaster team

Attention Lancs students! A new Festival of the Arts is coming to campus

The Festival of the Arts will be in the LICA building this Sunday 10th March

‘They changed their topic the night before’: Lancs students’ worst group project stories

Good luck to the people waiting for their coursemates to reply to the group chat x

‘We don’t feel overly supported’: Students on university cost of living assistance

We interviewed students at Sultan’s free food event

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OMG! Fuse ODG is headlining at Sugarhouse

This is not a drill. I repeat: THIS IS NOT A DRILL

Cheap eats, free buses and thrifty trips: A student’s guide to saving money in Lancaster

Don’t worry we’re not going to tell you to stop going to Greggs x

Liberation and Campaign Officer candidates share their personal experiences

We asked your Liberation and Campaign Officer candidates about themselves and their manifestos

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We asked Liberation and Campaign Officer candidates what shaped their manifestos

‘Some disabled students… can’t afford basic support needs’

We asked your FTO candidates how personal experiences have shaped their main goals

Your Activities Officer candidates shared a little more about themselves and their manifestos

How your Education and Wellbeing officers’ experiences have shaped their manifestos

We asked your Full-Time Officer candidates some questions to get to know them a little better