It’s back and it’s only getting wilder… meet the girls competing in Fight Night this weekend!

Watch out: These girls are scarier than your summatives

Meet the local durham team

‘Buying things from Billy B café’: Here’s what Durham Uni students are giving up for lent

Whether you’re quitting skipping lectures or quitting attending, let’s see if you can all commit for 40 days

The fresher’s ultimate guide to Durham’s Facebook culture from a second year student

Is this what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind? I think not

Petition created to save Leazes footbridge after Durham council plan to demolish it

The bridge has been called ‘iconic’

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I went to DUCFS, the UK’s biggest student-led charity fashion show right here in Durham

From free drinks to fancy outfits, it does indeed live up to the hype

Durham’s annual inter-collegiate Cheer Competition: A review

Give your cheerleading friends a hug, they need it

Here come the boys: Meet the lads putting it all on the line at Durham Fight Night

Let’s hope they last longer than I did…

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Durham Uni ramps up international presence as expenditure on agents increases

The uni aims to make Durham ‘better defined thematically and geographically’

70 per cent of Durham students don’t feel like they have a healthy work-life balance

Some students reported studying for 10 hours daily

Seven cocktails to remind you why your exes are in fact exes this Valentine’s Day

Take this as a celebration of your bad decisions…