Manchester pro-life students were reportedly ‘spat on’ and told they ‘should be r*ped’

Society members were allegedly subjected to a ‘torrent of abuse’ at last week’s Stop Manchester Pro Life protest

Meet the local manchester team

Manchester police received ‘training’ after dragging and standing on sleeping homeless man

The officer’s behaviour has been branded as ‘dehumanising’ and ‘unacceptable’

‘Insulting’ trigger warning in Uni of Manchester lecture around buying a round of drinks

The sociology lecture included two warnings and links to helplines for students that found the topic distressing

“I love the atmosphere”: Asking Manchester students what they love most about the city

The Tab spoke to undergrad and postgrad students about why they chose the 0161 for their studies

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Fight broke out between students at protest against Uni of Manchester Pro-Life society

Students gathered outside the Students’ Union protesting against a Pro-Life society event held last night

University of Manchester Pro-Life Society recruits two new female committee members

The society had previously received criticism for being made up of just two men

A definitive ranking of Manchester’s club smoking areas from worst to best

Just let us smoke inside again, please

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University of Manchester received the most applications out of the Russell Group in 2024

It is sometimes hard to see why when you’re traipsing to uni on the 142 in the rain…

‘It’s just backwards thinking’: Manchester students on new SU approved pro-life society

‘Abolishing the ability for young people to choose how their life unfolds shouldn’t be encouraged’

The five best places for students to spend Valentine’s Day this year in Manchester

You don’t need a partner to celebrate today – grab some of your housemates and have a fun night out!