parklife 2024 chaos

Mudslides, fights and biblical rain: All the cursed Parklife 2024 chaos to cure your FOMO

Serves you right for going in the first place

Police launch investigation after Uni of Manchester building vandalised with red paint

Manchester Museum and Queens Arch are located opposite Brunswick Park, where a pro-Palestine encampment is still ongoing

University of Manchester animal testing hits seven year high with over 100,000 tested on

Animals which were used for experimentation in 2023 include mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, sheep and fish

Saltburn star Barry Keoghan spotted filming advert on street in Manchester

I’m disappointed he didn’t stop off for a pint at Squirrel’s

This is exactly what your favourite Fallowfield pub says about you as a Manchester student

Spolier alert: 256 is basic

Manchester Police appeals for students to claim bizarre items stolen from Fallowfield houses

The stolen items include a lighter, an American plug and a broken camel magnet

What your favourite section of the UoM Main Library says about you

Blue 3 or Ali G- you choose

Student protest after Manchester Pro-Life Society held ‘grill the pro-lifer’ talk on campus

The CEO of the Alliance of Pro-life, Madeline Page, spoke to students at the university last week

Inquest opened into death of ‘very vulnerable’ Manchester student killed by convicted rapist

Tributes were made to Elizabeth McCann who was murdered by Simon Goold in August 2022

‘Terrified’ student watched as mouse ran around Manchester Metropolitan University library

The rodent was seen on the first floor of the All Saints Library on Saturday