Too Hot To Handle’s Emily and Cam have ‘split up’ after he allegedly cheated on her

My heart can’t take this

Too Hot To Handle’s Emily Miller and Cam Holmes have reportedly split up following cheating accusations.

According to the Daily Mail the couple have broken up after Emily discovered Cam had been cheating on her whilst she was on a trip to Thailand. Emily is said to have discovered Cam in bed with the woman.

A source said to be close to Cam revealed the cheating to the Daily Mail and said they were all shocked to discover what Cam had done to Emily.

They said: “We are shocked by Cam’s actions. We really thought he wouldn’t cheat on Emily but their relationship has been up and down and super stressful from the pressure of the public and the show nature.

“We knew Cam was cheating on Emily but didn’t want to confront him as we are his friends and thought it was awkward.

“But if you are stupid enough to cheat on your girlfriend then you should own it and apologise. A lot of fans will be disappointed by Cam’s moves and we only hope he learns a lesson from this.”

via Instagram @emilyfayemiller

Neither Cam or Emily have confirmed the split and only two days ago Cam shared a video with Emily on his Instagram as part of a promotion for Malibu.

Emily and Cam first met whilst filming Netflix’s reality show Too Hot To Handle. After getting together on the show, the couple quickly moved in together in a flat in London and celebrated their one year anniversary back in December.

Emily has recently been on a trip to Thailand where she regularly posted photos of herself in bikinis and looked incredible. Cam regularly commented on her posts.

Once Emily returned from her trip the couple shared a photo together on Instagram looking very loved up.

The Tab has contacted Emily and Cam’s representatives for comment. 

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