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Here’s absolutely *everything* that went down at Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’ wedding


After weeks – no, MONTHS of speculation, excitement and waiting around, Brooklyn Beckham finally married Nicola Peltz in the wedding of the decade.

The model-turned-chef shared the first photo from the big day (10th April), revealing the couple had taken each other’s surnames: “Mr. & Mrs. Peltz Beckham,” he captioned it on Instagram.

Everyone’s been dying to know all the tiny, minute details from this highly-anticipated celeb wedding – from Nicola’s dress to the lavish food on offer to the guests. Well, worry no longer – here’s absolutely everything you need to know about Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’ eye-watering, jaw-dropping, *bank-breaking* wedding.

Here’s what they did the day before

brooklyn beckham wedding

Photo by LCD/Shutterstock

The Saturday was reportedly filled with last-minute prep, ensuring every single base was covered and every part perfect. According to MailOnline, Valentino’s head seamstress flew out to Miami just hours before the wedding, to make sure the bridal gown didn’t need any more tailoring.

In the evening, guests gathered for a pre-wedding dinner in Florida. Security patrolled the premises for paparazzi, even bringing guard dogs along with them.

The ceremony was held at Nicola’s house…

…But it wasn’t exactly a suburban terrace. Brooklyn and Nicola wed in her family-owned estate in Palm Beach, Florida. The massive mansion is allegedly worth around $72 million and owned by her dad; a billionaire business investor. This Peltz-Beckham wedding venue even faces the beach. How does it feel to live my dream, guys?

Nicola’s dress was basically made for a fairytale princess

Months of blood, sweat and tears went into tailoring the perfect princess-y bridal gown for the actress. The show-stopping wedding dress was a bespoke selection from Valentino; having been specially picked out by Leslie Fremar, Nicola’s stylist. It was scattered with motifs; from an evil eye talisman embroidered by her mum to a secret message stitched in blue thread.

Nicola’s dress fittings took place basically all over the world, from Rome to Florida. That’s one high-maintenance outfit, if you ask me.

She walked down the aisle to a heartfelt song

harper beckham

Photo by LCD/Shutterstock

Nelson Peltz accompanied his daughter arm-in-arm down the aisle. Indie UK artist Sekou performed Songbird; a song originally written by Eva Cassidy. 10-year-old Harper Beckham was chief flower girl, following the bride in a handcrafted dress by designer Joel Diaz. To honour both Brooklyn and Nicola’s Jewish heritage, the wedding was performed by a Rabbi underneath a flower-garlanded chuppah – a canopy representing a home the pair will build together.

A black-tie dinner followed the ceremony


Mandatory Credit: Photo by LCD/Shutterstock

The guests made their way to an in-house wedding marquee for a black-tie dinner. A 12-piece live band played through the festivities, and the tent was lined with garden roses. There were several new additions to the traditional wedding speeches; usually spoken by the father-of-the-bride, best man and groom. Romeo and Cruz Beckham spoke in honour of their brother, as David Beckham also stood up to say a few words.

Taking to the floor, the newlyweds shared their first dance to Only Fools Rush In, a song by South African artist Lloyiso.

The couple asked for donations to Ukraine

Brooklyn and Nicola asked each guest to make a donation to Care – a charity working to provide aid to women, girls, families and the elderly amid the Ukrainian crisis. It’s reported that Nelson Peltz’ donation was “significant.”

So… how much did it all cost?

Don’t worry – we were wondering too. Factoring out the ready-made $72 million venue; everything else is said to have cost $3 million.

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