Too Hot To Handle’s Emily seems to confirm she and Cam have broken up in new TikTok

It’s a hot girl summer for Emily

Too Hot To Handle’s Emily Faye Miller said she’s single in a new TikTok following rumours she and Cam Holmes had broken up.

Posting on TikTok yesterday Emily shared a video in which she appears sad with the caption “me realising I’m single af” and then it cuts to a dancing clip with the caption “me realising it’s gonna be a hot girl summer”.

The video has had over 600,000 likes and over 7 million views. Thousands of people have been commenting how upset they are and they don’t know whether to believe the couple have broken up. Former Too Hot To Handle cast member Harry Jowsey commented on the video: “Omg 😳😳😳.”

@emilyfayemiller💃🏽💃🏽♬ Never Dull Gypsy In My Mind – Never Dull

Last week it was alleged Emily and Cam had broken up after he reportedly cheated on Emily whilst she was on holiday in Thailand.

A source told the Daily Mail: “We are shocked by Cam’s actions. We really thought he wouldn’t cheat on Emily but their relationship has been up and down and super stressful from the pressure of the public and the show nature.

“We knew Cam was cheating on Emily but didn’t want to confront him as we are his friends and thought it was awkward.”

via Instagram @camholmess

Neither Cam or Emily initially commented  on the rumours. The two hosted a TikTok live shop together last week leading many people to believe the couple was still together.

For Emily’s birthday last week Cam shared a video complied of clips of Emily captioned: “My ❤️ happy birthday xx”. However Emily has not liked or commented on the post.

Cam and Emily met last year whilst filming for Netflix’s reality show Too Hot To Handle. They’ve been together ever since filming and moved into a flat together in London in December last year.

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