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‘I’m a drug addict. I love cocaine’: This is what X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza is up to now

Frankie revealed he’s trying to come off drugs after becoming a dad

Former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza has revealed he is a drug addict and has done cocaine with mega celebrities in a new podcast interview.

Speaking on The James Smith Podcast Frankie said: “I’m a drug addict. Simple as that. I just am. I love cocaine. I’m sorry, I do. I know that if money hadn’t run out, I’d still be snorting gear. It’s a fact.”

Frankie, who became a father in 2019, said he was trying to stay off cocaine now because of his son: “I have made a conscious effort to try and stop since the bubba’s been born.

“I feel bad because I’m saying I love it and that, but I know what I need to do as a dad now, and that’s not to do it.”

via YouTube

As part of his interview Frankie reflected on his time on X Factor. He was axed from the show in 2011 after breaking one of the show’s “golden rules”, it later turned out Frankie had boasted about doing cocaine in front of the production team.

During this time Frankie said he was doing cocaine with A-Listers, “I’ve sniffed cocaine with people that you just wouldn’t in a million years believe it. I’m an 18-year old kid and they’re doing it with him. It’s insane. No one gives a f***.”

So apart from being doing coke, what has Frankie Cocozza been up to in the last 11 years since his time on X Factor? This is everything you need to know:

He’s been on a couple of TV shows

via E4

Shortly after his time on X Factor Frankie appeared on the ninth series of Celebrity Big Brother. Frankie finished in second place, beaten by Denise Welch.

A few years later in 2017 Frankie appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating. The show is meant to fix celebrities up on dates with us regular folk, however Frankie seemed far more interested in fellow celebrity Charlotte Dawson.

The pair seemed to get on well but their relationship didn’t go further than the show.

Frankie released an EP

via Instagram @frankiecocozza

Despite joking on the podcast last week he couldn’t sing on the X Factor, Frankie still released music after leaving the show.

He released his first EP in November 2012 which got to number 19 on the iTunes chart. His second EP came out in April 2013 but it failed to chart.

He’s married and got a baby

via Instagram @biancacocozza

In 2018 Frankie married Australian Bianca Murphy and the couple moved to Sydney soon after.

They announced they were having a baby in 2019 and their son Frankie Jr was born in May 2019.

It’s not exactly clear what Frankie is spending his time doing in Australia, however he does have a Cameo account and charges £19 for a personalised video.

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