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Here are 28 Derry Girls memes for you to enjoy whilst you wait for Uncle Colm to shut up

I am still cry laughing over Sister George Michael

Derry Girls has been back for less than 24 hours and we’re already deeply in love with it again. Last night’s episode was so good, from learning Sister Michael’s full name to the famous Liam Neeson making a cameo – fans were loving every second. Three years was far too long for it to be off of our screens but thankfully it’s back so that pain has been temporarily healed. So to celebrate it’s return, here are 28 of the best memes from last night’s episode.

1. A show-down for the ages

2. In summary

3. That’s what I call allies

4. Absolute bops

5. It really is…

6. I have one requirement

7. Me writing my Diss

8. But what does being both make you??

9. Ngl all of us

10. Take that, America

— stilgar stan account (@victoriaedel) April 12, 2022

— Rachael R 💉💉💉 (@RendleRachael) April 13, 2022


12. Me and my bestie

13. Whoops

14. Absolute king

15. Sad but true

16. Not Fluffy!!!!

17. I’m not crying, you are

18. I would watch

19. The pure joy

20. Honestly, the MVP


22. We’re all weeping

23. His Da came over in the Spanish Armada

24. James just needs to lean into it

25. ‘The big fella’ lolllll

26. Seriously, can Nicola Coughlan miss?

27. We all had a teacher like her

28. Why does it have to end???

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