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We know you want it, so here’s every Bridgerton sex scene ranked

I burn for them all

Bridgerton has become synonymous with sex. Sure we all love to see the fancy homes, Eloise trying to uncover Lady Whistledown’s identity and watching Lady Featherington plot another ridiculous scheme but the one thing every one loves the most about Bridgerton is the sex. And there is a LOT to love about the Bridgerton sex scenes.

Firstly there’s just so much sex. In season one within the first five minutes Anthony is having sex and then throughout the season Simon and Daphne’s whole plot line centres on the impact of sex. Even though season two didn’t bring as many actual sex scenes it was still full of lingering glances, finger grazes and a lot of heavy breathing. Bridgerton does things with their sex scenes so many period dramas do not. They put female pleasure at the forefront and they don’t shy away from highlighting that gay sex was very much happening in Regency England.

But of the many, many sex scenes in both seasons of Bridgerton which is truly the sexiest? We’ve ranked all 16 scenes from a mild swoon to the ultimate object of our desires:

16. When Daphne tricks Simon (season one, episode six)

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This is just a really uncomfortable scene to watch. It’s hard knowing Daphne has been lied to this whole time, but also horrible watching the Duke basically be tricked into giving Daphne a child.

I would happily never watch this scene again.

15. Anthony and Siena at the theatre (season one, episode one)

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This scene is very physical. Anthony visits Siena during her rehearsals. Siena pushes Anthony against a wall, there’s a lot of moaning and angsty lust which ends all too abruptly when they cut to the two of them talking about his pocket-watch. Boring, next.

14. Anthony and Siena against a tree (season one, episode one)

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The first ever Bridgerton sex scene happens within five minutes of the first episode. It sets the tone – this is not a boring period drama. We are here for sex.

The first ever Bridgerton sex scene happens within five minutes of the first episode. It sets the tone – this is not a boring period drama. We are here for sex.

On the surface it’s a pretty hot sex scene. Simon pleasuring Daphne on the stairs of their grand house.

However it’s just so sad and disappointing when he stops half way through and walks away because he’s still mad at her. Can you imagine how good it would have been if they continued?

12. Sir Granville’s sex party (season one, episode five)

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Gay sex and threesomes – they knew how to throw a party in the Regency era. When Benedict attends one of Sir Granville’s parties he discovers Granville naked and kissing another man. Honestly well done to Bridgerton for showing that gay men very much existed in the 1800s.

Also Benedict appears to have a threesome with Madame Delacroix and Granville’s wife, it’s just a shame we only see the kissing leading up to it.

11. Daphne’s self-gratification (season one, episode three)

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She may not know how babies are made but Daphne knows sure knows how to give herself some pleasure by the end of episode three, thanks in part to the Duke’s guiding words.

It was refreshing to see a scene about a woman masturbating on such a big platform like Netflix and let’s face it we have all fantasied about the Duke at some point.

Extra points for the scene leading on to Daphne playing the piano and her mother saying “you’ve finished.” I see what you did there cheeky script writers.

10. Anthony and Siena before the duel (season one, episode four)

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There’s like nothing a man’s impending death to make him want to shag his mistress one last time.

Before Anthony duels with Simon at dawn he sees Siena for what he thinks is the last time and he clearly puts all his energy into it as they can’t even close the front door before ripping each other’s clothes off.

Not ranked that highly because we don’t get to see much after they slam the door shut.

9. The Duke licking the spoon (season one, episode three)

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Not technically a sex scene, but an inherently sexual moment in the show, which therefore means it must be included simply for us all to swoon at once more.

8. The Hastings’ first night together (season one, episode five)

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It’s happened. It’s finally happened Simon and Daphne have sex for the first time and boy do they know how to build up the tension.

After four episodes of longing glances, finger grazes and spoon licking they continue to withhold the sex scene just a little longer. They pace in their separate rooms, argue about the pain they’ve caused each other and then the duke says it: “I am yours Daphne. I burn for you,” and everyone watching is a collective puddle on the floor.

Simon undresses her, asks her if she touched herself, it’s the perfect foreplay but then that’s it, he just goes in. C’mon Simon I know you’re fit and Daphne burns for you but it’s going to burn her if you just go straight in without anymore foreplay. For some reason (acting) it doesn’t seem to hurt Daphne and she seems to thoroughly enjoy it and then of course we have the first clue about the Duke’s pull out secret, which kind of ruins the moment.

7. Anthony getting out of the lake (season two, episode five)

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Again not an actual sex scene but it’s very important we mention it.

6. Sex on the desk (season one, episode six)

bridgerton sex scenes the duke

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The actual sex part of this scene is great, a quickie on a desk, it looks fun and pretty hot.

What’s not hot is the Duke frantically searching around for a tissue and Daphne coming to the realisation her husband has basically lied to her.

5. The makeup sex (season one, episode eight)

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This is definitely one of the sweeter and more tame Bridgerton sex scenes. Nothing wild happens but I have to rank it so highly because it’s essentially the only time Daphne and Simon have sex when they’re completely honest with each other. And it’s probably when they made baby Augie so it’s cute.

4. Sex in the rain (season one, episode six)

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The instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams playing, outside in the rain and Simon giving Daphne exactly what she wants – sublime. Just going to hit replay a few more times.

3. Anthony and his Viscountess (season two, episode eight)

bridgerton sex scenes

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It’s only a snippet of a sex scene right at the end of the season but it still needs to be appreciated purely for Kate and Anthony’s chemistry.

It’s sweet seeing them finally happy together, their gentle teasing and although Anthony calling Kate “viscountess” is a little bit cringey I really don’t care.

2. The sex marathon (season one, episode six)

bridgerton sex scenes

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A continuation of the scene in the rain, this mini sex montage of the Hastings doing it all over their new home really ups the anti.

In the bedroom, in the garden and in the library. I think we all feel exactly like those eavesdropping maids when watching this collection of practically pornographic clips.

Also Daphne’s shoe falling off because they’re going at it so hard? And the Duke’s perfectly toned butt cheeks by the lake are two of finest moments of television I’ve ever seen. Where are their BAFTAs please?

1. Anthony and Kate in the garden (season two, episode seven)

bridgerton sex scenes

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There is practically no sex throughout the entire second season of Bridgerton and yet it’s worth it for this scene alone.

Seven episodes of angsty sexual tension finally come to a head in this garden sex scene between Anthony and Kate. One thing about Bridgerton, if there’s a garden, people are going to be having sex in it.

The scene is just perfect, two people saying exactly how they feel about each other, a lot of heavy breathing and the two of them practically arguing the whole way through is exactly how their relationship is.

And let’s be honest this whole scene is made for the female gaze. Everything from the beautiful lilac lingerie to the focus on Kate’s pleasure. It is simply divine.

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