If you got any of these presents for Christmas then you’re officially a Notts student

Why am I excited to receive socks as a present now?

The festive season is officially over, and for those of you on the nice list, Santa came with some delightful presents. Some of you fiends deserve coal, but somehow you’ve blagged your way onto the nice list. If you received any of these lush gifts, you’re officially a Notts student:

Re-usable water bottle or coffee cup

If you’re a Notts student, you most likely absolutely love coffee. Re-usable coffee are the perfect gift to receive, they are more eco-friendly, which is very on-brand for UoN’s sustainable campus.  You most likely love a Saturday morning Starbucks run, or a quick run to Portland Coffee in between lectures, a re-usable coffee cup is a great gift as most places, including on campus, offer a discount for anyone who brings one along.

Subscriptions and giftcards

If you got a subscription or a giftcard for Christmas, this is basically your friends and family’s way of telling you you’re a shopping addict. Get yourself down to the Viccy centre right now and get through the sale. You’ll probably end up spending it on Urban Outfitter’s parachute pants, or a lush bathbomb to spice up your minging uni baths.

Experience gifts

You are well and truly loved if you received this, your friend was willing to stretch the budget a bit. Some of them even offer the experience for two people, so you can enjoy the day as well. You could pick afternoon tea at Colwick Hall, culinary classes, wine tasting, the list goes on. They usually don’t expire for at least 12 months, so you can save it until after exam season or even as a post-graduation present.


If you received an IOU for Christmas, you were forgotten about. Whether it was being taken out for dinner, a free next set of nails, or paying for a whole night out, this was definitely a last minute gift idea. You can definitely milk it though, get yourself out of the house!

Bars and clubs are fun but not always the safest places

Society membership

A society membership is a very niche gift, but if you received this, its your chance to actually get out of the house and do something aside from uni work and partying every night. UoN has loads of choice: sports societies, debating societies, cocktail and bartending society, which offers great discounts on bars around Nottingham, even SwiftSoc for the Swifties among us.

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