Everything we know about Jenna Marbles’ alleged stalker after her reported arrest

This is horrible

It’s a story we really didn’t want to hear. Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita allegedly have a stalker. The female fan reportedly broke into her shared house with husband, Julien Solomita, last night (2nd January).

Julien, who still posts semi-regularly on YouTube and has 2.5 million subscribers, claimed the pair had been dealing with harassment from this person for “two months”. He says he didn’t want to address it in public, but after discovering a publication was planning to run the story, he “wanted you to hear what happened from me first.”

jenna marbles stalker

Photo via @juliensolomita on Instagram

Jenna hasn’t been active on any of her social media platforms since June 2020, after publicly apologising for previous instances of anti-Asian racism, alleged blackface and internalised misogyny. As such, she isn’t expected to comment on the situation personally. But, here’s everything we know about the situation so far:

The woman is a total stranger to Jenna and Julien

It has been widely reported – and confirmed by Julien himself – that the woman who allegedly broke into their house was a stranger. That being said, Julien claimed she’d been “harassing me at my home throughout the last two months.”

This isn’t the first time the couple has dealt with strangers coming uninvited into their home. In September 2017, Julien made a video titled “don’t come to our house,” which detailed an incident where a fan’s mum knocked on Julien’s door and asked him if this was “the street where Jenna Marbles lives.”

Julien used self-defence tactics and the woman has allegedly been taken to hospital

The YouTuber claimed as soon as he saw the woman “entering our back door, I immediately subdued her with OC/pepper spray and was able to lock her out.” TMZ reports a member of the LA Police Department called paramedics so she could get checked out, while Julien states she was “apprehended and arrested.”

No-one has been harmed, and Jenna, Julien and the dogs are all safe.

The Tab has contacted the LAPD for comment.

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Featured image via Jenna Marbles on YouTube.