Colleen Hoover has made an It Ends with Us colouring book and TikTokers are fuming

TikTok users have said the author has taken it a step too far

Content warning: Mention of domestic violence.

TikTok users are furious after Colleen Hoover announced she would be releasing an It Ends with Us adult colouring book in April 2023. It Ends with Us has been all over BookTok and is one of Hoover’s most popular novels, so much so it is being adapted into a film by Justin Baldoni.

Colleen Hoover’s books have been incredibly successful, and in October 2022 more copies of her novels were sold than copies of the literal Bible. While a lot of Colleen Hoover fans were pleased with the announcement on Instagram, book lovers on TikTok have taken an issue with the colouring book due to the novel’s themes. Colleen has since apologised for the colouring book and is working with publishers to ensure the book doesn’t go ahead.

The novel centres around Lily Bloom, a college graduate who moves to Boston and opens up her own floral business, all while falling for Ryle Kincaid, a surgeon who isn’t interested in a relationship at first. The book has flashbacks to Lily at a young age with her first love Atlas Corrigan, and his entrance into Lily’s life threatens hers and Ryle’s relationship. At first glance, Lily and Ryle’s seems perfect, and it is until Ryle begins to abuse Lily and at one point he pushes her down the stairs.

The books ends in Lily giving birth and divorcing Ryle and the two end up co-parenting and it seems as though she rekindles her relationship with Atlas. Due to the nature of It Ends with Us, book readers on TikTok have been left unimpressed, saying the colouring book is in “poor taste” and it being “the nail in the coffin” to stop reading her books. The book is currently available to pre-order in the UK for £12.99.

One TikTok user, who even has a tattoo dedicated to It Ends with Us, said: “How can you write a book about domestic abuse, about gaslighting, about just general shitty emotional manipulation and then think to yourself, ‘Do you know what I should make to commemorate this? A colouring book.’ In what way does that make sense? What moments are you going to be colouring?

“I think taking a story such as that from It Ends with Us and adding it with a colouring book completely diminishes the story. It completely diminishes the message that you’re trying to send about domestic violence because you’re mixing it with something childish. Yes there are adult colouring books, but why did you choose that book to do it with specifically? I don’t really think people want to be colouring, ‘Oh Lily you fell’ or people getting bitten, like she was literally bitten by her partner. He gaslighted her, he made her afraid to tell her about her own pregnancy in case he reacted badly.

“And if the moments of colouring are going to be flowers or cooking stuff to represent Atlas, just don’t make it. We’ve got plenty of flower colouring books, we’ve got plenty of cooking colouring books. Do better.”


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Book lovers have also been reading what the colouring book will be about and what exactly they would be colouring in. In the about the book section, it read: “Break out your markers and coloured pencils and add some colour to your love of Colleen Hoover’s number one New York Times bestselling phenomenon and TikTok sensation It Ends with Us with this official adult colouring book.”

Another TikToker shared their opinion on the adult colouring book. They said: “I’m thinking of those ‘iconic scenes’ and that would be traumatising to be coloured. How about when Lily gets pushed down the stairs and all the abuse occurs in the book? I don’t know what iconic scenes they’re talking about colouring but this just sounds like a bad idea to me.”

The Tab has contacted Colleen Hoover’s representatives for comment.

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