Tanya is the jaw-dropping model and uni student joining the Love Island 2023 cast

Tanya was described as an Islander in the making before she even joined the show

Tanya Manhenga is the jaw-dropping model joining the winter Love Island 2023 cast in South Africa, hoping to find someone who will sweep her off her feet.

Tanya is a 22-year-old biomedical science student from Liverpool and is looking for a boyfriend. She is hoping that having a number of options in the villa will help her find the man of the dreams, and from the line-up this year she is in for a treat. Despite being insanely smart and gorgeous, there is a lot more to Tanya than what meets the eye. So, here is everything you need to know about Tanya Manhenga as she heads into the South African villa:

Tanya Love Island

Tanya in her Love Island 2023 promo shoot

Love Island 2023 contestant Tanya is 22 and from Liverpool

Tanya Manhenga is a 22-year-old biomedical science student from Liverpool set to join the Love Island 2023 cast. Tanya postponed her final term of her degree at the University of Salford to star on Love Island. Pretty iconic if you ask me.

She is an ambassador for Boohoo and Simmi shoes

Tanya has already established herself in the influencer world as she is an ambassador for Boohoo, Simmi shoes and Ego. She is already signed with a management agency so she is most certainly ready for the reality TV series. When Tanya was rumoured to go on the show before it was announced, a source told The Sun: “Tanya really is the whole package, she’s as smart as she is stunning and she looks set to be one of this series most popular Islanders.

“She’s an Islander in waiting, already moving in the same circles as former cast members and with brand deals already under her belt.”

Tanya Love Island

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Tanya says she is single because she has trust issues

When asked she she was single, Tanya put it down to her trust issues. She said: “It might be trust issues. I don’t trust guys. Some want to get serious really quickly, but I don’t trust them enough, it’s all about trust.” Hopefully Tanya will find someone she can trust in the villa as she is looking for a boyfriend.

Tanya gets the ick from guys who don’t wear socks

Absolutely everyone gets the ick even from the tiniest things, just like Tanya. The Love Island 2023 contestant said she gets the ick when guys don’t wear socks in the house. “Why are your feet flapping all around the house? Guys have huge feet too, yuck,” she added.

Tanya Love Island

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

She already has over 20,000 followers on Instagram

Tanya currently has over 20,000 followers on Instagram and they keep going up. Before she was announced to be entering the villa, Tanya had around 14,000 followers, proving to be popular even with the social media ban which will leave Islanders’ social media accounts dormant while they are in the villa. Tanya’s Instagram handle is @talkswithtt_ if you feel like following a star in the making.

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