G’day mate! Aaron Waters is the 25-year-old Australian model on Love Island 2023

Um, he used to be blonde…

Aaron Waters is the second Australian bombshell who has made a splash on Love Island 2023. Aaron was on the third season of Love Island Australia and is keen to “finally meet someone”, so here’s to hoping someone is willing to relocate! The 25-year-old model wants to give everyone a chance in the South African villa, so we’ll have to wait and see if he can use his Australian charm to win over one of the girls. Here’s everything you need to know about Aaron Waters, the Australian bombshell who has joined Love Island 2023.

Aaron Love Island 2023

Aaron in his Love Island 2023 promo shoot

Aaron is 25 years old and is from Melbourne

Aaron Waters is a 25-year-old model and content creator from Melbourne who first debuted on Love Island in the third season of the Australian version. The Aussie Islander is keen to form a relationship in the villa and has already been very open and honest with the girls and told them immediately he had been on the show before.

Aaron is going to try and ‘build a connection’ with the girls in the villa

Having already been on the Australian series, Aaron has learnt a lot about himself that he will take on board in the UK series. When it comes to dating, Aaron said that “making a connection and being able to build something with somebody” is key because attraction isn’t everything.

Aaron said: “When I was in the Love Island Australia villa, I didn’t open myself up to other opportunities that I could have possible had. This time round I want to be testing the waters by being open-minded and giving everyone a chance.” He is hoping to “dive deeper to try and build a connection” with the girls in the villa.

Aaron Love Island 2023

via Instagram @aaronmwaters

He has 80,000 followers on Instagram

Aaron has an impressive 80,000 followers on Instagram and his feed is full of the most aesthetically pleasing photos, and that’s mainly down to his jawline. His Instagram includes a range of modelling pictures as well as golden hour selfies. Aaron may not have won Love Island Australia, but he sure as hell won the award for having the best fashion sense ever.

He was an OG boy on Love Island Australia and came in second place

Aaron entered the Love Island Australia villa on the first day and initially coupled up with Courtney. Throughout the series, he coupled up with Ari, Jess and Eliza before he came in second place with Jess Velkovski. In December 2021, Aaron revealed that he and Jess split up just days after they left the villa. During a Q&A session on Instagram, Aaron said: “No we aren’t together and no we don’t keep in contact. There’s no bad feelings towards her at all. I wish her all the best.”

via Instagram @aaronmwaters

Aaron described himself as ‘loyal, honest and great at communication’

When asked to describe himself, Aaron said: “I’m loyal, honest, great at communication and self-awareness”. If he faces any obstacles or adversity in his relationship, he is “able to talk openly” about how he feels. “I think the key to any good relationship is being content in yourself and I’m very happy in myself and who I am. I’m also very good looking, obviously,” he added.

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