Jessie Wynter is the Aussie bombshell making a comeback on winter Love Island 2023

She managed to get to the final on the Australian series

Jessie Wynter is the latest bombshell who has joined the winter Love Island 2023 series from down under. Jessie is a 26-year-old personal trainer from Australia and has been making the boys sweat ever since she crashed the Islander’s pool party. Hope to bring energy and of course good vibes to the South African villa, here is everything you need to know about Jessie Winter:

Jessie in her Love Island 2023 promo shoot

Jessie is 26 years old and is from Tasmania

Jessie Wynter is 26 years old and is from Tasmania, although she now lives in Sydney. Jessie appeared on the second season of Love Island Australia and is hoping she’ll find someone to settle down with on the UK version of the series. When asked why she has decided to go onto the UK series, Jessie said she’s “a bit lonely” after seeing all her friends settle down.

She said: “I’m single and have been for quite some time! I’m very lucky to live the life I lead, but it does get a bit lonely. The last time I had a relationship, it was in the Love Island Australia villa, so let’s go!”

Jessie Love Island

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Jessie said she’s going to ‘take things as they come’ in the villa

Having been on Love Island before, Jessie knows exactly what to do and is bringing along some Aussie tactics with her to South Africa. She said: “With Aussies, what you see is what you get. I’m going to go in very raw, don’t overthink things, and take things as they come – the laid back Aussie attitude. Anything that doesn’t go right, it’ll just be like, ‘Oh well.'”

She already has a massive 300,000 followers on Instagram

Having already been on television before, Jessie has accumulated a major following on social media. Jessie has 300,000 followers on Instagram and is the highest followed out of the UK Islanders. Her Instagram is full of bikini pictures as well as stunning photos of her at fancy restaurants or nights out with her friends.

Jessie Love Island

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Jessie made it to the final on Love Island Australia

Jessie was coupled with Maurice, Eoghan and Gerard before she coupled up with Todd, whom she made it to the final with and they came in fourth place. However, their relationship didn’t last very long after the series and they broke up in February 2020.

Talking about why they split up, Jessie said: “I’d been on the show for quite some time before he came on, so I feel like the relationship was slightly unbalanced in that way – he knew a lot more about me than I knew about him. When we got out of the villa I thought everything was great and fun, however I just don’t think we were both on the same page.”

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

The Aussie Islander is still single because gets ‘scared’

Jessie was asked why, in her own words, she was single to which she said she gets “scared” when it comes to relationships. She said: “I probably do need to take a little responsibility – I do travel and move around a lot. When it comes to a relationship, I think I get scared. If there’s someone I genuinely like, for some reason I back away or start telling myself they’re too good for me. I always end up doing the opposite of what I should be doing, so in the villa I’ll have to face those emotions.”

Jessie hopes to bring ‘good vibes’ to Love Island

Like every Islander ever, Jessie Wynter is hoping to bring “good vibes” and “energy” into the villa. She said: “There won’t be a quiet moment.”

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

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