Eight solid reasons why you should join The Tab Newcastle this term

Join us at Soho Jesmond for our next open meeting at 6.30pm on Monday 30th January

The Tab Newcastle are always looking for new writers, photographers and meme-makers to join our team. We report breaking news, share fun features and stay on top of the hot gossip across Newcastle. We welcome writers of all ages and abilities and encourage forward thinking and creative individuals to come down to our open meeting at Soho Jesmond at 6.30pm on Monday 30th January. If you’re still needing reasons to join our team, read on.

1. You’re able to write about things you’re interested in

We send out new and eccentric commissions every week for you to snap up but encourage writers to come up with their own stories too. We’re always open to hear your ideas!

2. You’ll meet new people with similar interests to you

The Tab is made up of sociable, diverse and driven writers so there’s definitely a place for you. We host weekly meetings at Soho Jesmond on Mondays at 6.30pm, where you can discuss ideas and catch up with one another, as well as really fun socials. It’s also really good to know people in the industry and you never know when it might help you.

3. The socials

As previously mentioned, writing for The Tab means you get yourself invited to all of our writers socials. Another great excuse to go out with people who aren’t your course or housemates for once.

4. You can say what you like

Within reason, obviously. But as we’re not affiliated with any universities, Tab writers have much more freedom with their topics of discussion and language choices. This means you really get to show your personality through your pieces.

5. You’re able to cover breaking news, as and when it hits

If you’re like me, you’ll understand that buzz of being at the scene when news breaks and being able to share information as soon as you receive it. Writing for The Tab will give you that first taste of journalism which also serves as great experience.

6. The experience

Leading nicely onto the experience you’ll earn. Tab graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Vice, BBC, The Guardian, Vogue, ITV, Buzzfeed, Dazed and many more international media companies – it’s a great addition to any CV.

7. No membership fees!

Again, as we’re not associated with any university, we are not a registered society and therefore won’t be looking to squeeze any precious pounds out of you. You get more freedom to write and more money to fund your wacky features with. It’s a win win.

8. The merch

Writing for us has its perks, obviously. We have one of a kind t-shirts and lighters to be distributed to our writers on socials, so come along and grab yours as we can’t promise there’s enough for everyone.

If you think The Tab is the right thing for you then come along to one of our meetings.

If you can’t make it to our first meeting then don’t worry, we host meetings every week at the same time and have a facebook group where we post our commissions and can chat about any breaking news.

If you want to know more or be added to our group chat please DM us on our Insta @thetabnewcastle, or message our editors, @joe.anderson01 and @chesseke. This is perfect if you have any article ideas that you want to pitch or if you would rather write before coming along to a meeting.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message Chess or Joe!

Want to write stories like this? Join the team, no experience required. DM us via @TheTabNewcastle on Instagram or The Tab Newcastle on Facebook.

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