Debunked: This is what the masacara wand trend from TikTok *really* means

You lot are filthy

TikTok loves a euphemism more than anything else it seems and the more confusing they are, the better. Recently our FYP’s have been dominated by a mascara wand trend that is actually nothing to do with mascara. TikTokers are using the word for something much more raunchy and tied it into their sex lives.

Mascara trend TikTok videos go into details on people’s relationships and romantic history, even if it is all in code. One TikToker even said they have a favourite mascara but they don’t want it to be their favourite anymore so tried moving to a different one but they can’t budge their mind from their original fave – it’s complex but it works.

Here’s what the mascara wand trend from TikTok actually means

Okay so the meaning behind the mascara wand is actually all to do with a guy and a boy’s wand. A lot of these videos are gendered and you could use mascara to also discuss women instead except you wouldn’t use the want part. The comparison is actually odd.

The mascara trend has amassed over 22.8 million views at the time of writing and it’s not slowing down. One TikToker posted a video using the hashtag and said: “I’ve had my mascara since I was 14. I’m now 24. Only mascara I’ve ever tried but know there’s nothing like this one anywhere else. I even made a smaller version because I like it so much.”


#mascaratrend #mascara #Inverted

♬ constellations by duster – ‍

Most videos have been used alongside the constellations audio which has over 115,000 videos. Someone else posted a video saying: “Don’t let your first mascara ruin makeup for you,” and it’s so true.


my hoodie has muffin batter on it bc ik the muffin man #mascaratrend

♬ constellations by duster – ‍

You can check our more mascara trend videos here on the hashtag.

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Mascara photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash.