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UoB graduate makes iconic Brum themed tees

Valentines day is only a month a way, and we’ve found you the perfect gift for your Selly sneaky link

Ollie is a graduate from the University of Birmingham, and has started selling some iconic UoB themes t-shirts.

Ollie told The Birmingham Tab how in his third year “[he] wanted a t-shirt with The Goose on”, but obviously they’re not sold anywhere. So Ollie took matters into his own hands and drew a design of The Goose to print on a t-shirt.

Obviously, it was never gonna stop there with just one t-shirt with The Goose on. Ollie told us how “[his] friends were requesting [him] for more buildings, so [he] just kept drawing.”

Ollie posted on Fab’N’Fresh to see if other students would be interested in these t-shirts, and his first post ended up with 1.8 thousand likes, and from there he decided to “kickstart [his] little business”.

Ollie told The Birmingham Tab how the designs for the t-shirts can take between two and four hours, depending on how complex the building design is. Ollie uses the app Procreate on his iPad to draw his masterpieces.

Ollie told The Birmingham Tab how more design will be coming, and that he usually draws what people request on Fab’N’Fresh. So if your favourite Brum building isn’t already on a top, you better get commenting on Ollie’s Fab posts.

You can view Ollie’s website where he sells these tops here.

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