Love Island’s Haris’ father has said the Islander is a ‘good boy’ and people are just ‘jealous’

He said the fight was a ‘misunderstanding’

Love Island’s Haris Namani’s father has said the fight between his son and the man after a night out is a “misunderstanding” and has hit out at people who have called his son a thug.

In footage obtained by The Sun, the Islander was shown in a street fight after a night out in Doncaster. Following the footage being leaked, Haris was booted from the villa in a planned dumping, after it was reported “his future on the show hung by the thinnest of threads.”

Love Island's Haris' father

via ITV

Haris’ father, Mehedin Namani, has since spoken out about the video and has insisted that Haris and the man in the video are friends. Speaking with MailOnline, Mehedin said: “This happened two years ago. They’re friends, they shook hands. This was a long time ago – it’s nothing. He’s not a bad boy, he’s got a good record. He’s been brought up in the right way. This is just people who are jealous and they want to put him down.”

His father went on to say that the fight “was a misunderstanding at that time” and now the other man in the video “would not have anything bad to say about Haris.” “I don’t think he would be happy about the video. He’s very known around here and he’s a few years older than Haris. And he’s a popular kid.”

Haris’ father is not yet aware of if Haris has been dumped from the Island. A Love Island spokesperson said: “We would never comment on dumpings or show formats to avoid ruining the show for the viewers.”

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