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New Year new Crofters: What to expect from The Crofters Rights new toilets

Brand new cubicles to save you from choosing between holding your pee or your breath

You heard it right. 2023 gave us one blessing already; Crofters has brand new toilets.

Crofters has been known as an iconic nightclub and a live music venue, but more importantly, for its grimy toilets. You could run to turbo island and have a piss there and it would be more hygienic.

But not anymore.

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The state-of-the-art condition of the toilets is noticeable before you even enter the area as you’re greeted by the crisp scent of the new toilets.

In fact, it’s almost as if they wanted everyone to know how new the toilets actually are – they didn’t even bother removing the stickers.

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Overall, it might not seem like much has changed but the renovation was a hot topic in the club. Those who didn’t know went in there expecting the usual smell to “slap them in the face” but were impressed with the changes.

The lack of mirrors, however, were a shocking disappointment. We expected better from you, Crofters.

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A spokesperson for The Crofters Rights has told the Bristol Tab: “We’re just very excited to be able to have the money available to be able to fully renovate the toilets which was much needed.

“This was intended to happen in 2019 however Covid put a big strain on the business pushing back renovations until we were in a better situation. We hope our customers enjoy the much needed change.”

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