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‘I’m team Tanya’: What ex-Islanders have said about the winter Love Island 2023 cast

Loool Davide says he can’t ‘commit’ to watching the show

People may have had their predispositions about winter Love Island 2023 but it’s safe to say that it has won absolutely everyone over. This season is the second ever in South Africa and with bombshell twists left right and centre, there is never a dull moment.

Former contestants who were once on the show have not held back when it comes to giving their opinion about the new Islanders. From sharing who their favourite person in the villa is to revealing who they think is playing a massive game, this is what ex-Islanders have had to say about the winter Love Island 2023 cast.

Adam Collard

Ex-Islanders about winter Love Island 2023 cast

via Instagram @adamcollard

Adam Collard has not held back when it comes to giving his 10 pence about the winter Love Island 2023 cast. Adam, who was the first ever Islander to return to the show again as a bombshell, shared his thoughts about Aussie bombshell Jessie and her relationship with Will.

Speaking with The Sun, Adam said that given Jessie’s previous experience on Love Island Australia, she has “seen an opportunity” by coupling up with Will. He added: “I think that could be a bit of a game plan. If I was a girl, if I was a bombshell, I would go for Will as it’s a ticket to the final straight away.

“A lot of bombshells who haven’t even been in the show would do that never mind someone who’s been a main cast in this show back in Australia.” Adam reckons that Will will end up with someone who has “kissed a few frogs and been kind of heartbroken” and will decided to given the nice guy a chance and “they’ll get on really, really well.”

Danica Taylor

Ex-Islanders about winter Love Island 2023 cast

via Instagram @_danicataylor 

Danica Taylor, who was fairly unlucky on the show, has said that Olivia Hawkins needs to “pull it together”. Savage! In an Instagram live, Danica said Olivia and Zara are “both as bad as each other.”

Oliva and Zara have been feuding ever since Zara entered the villa after she called Olivia two-faced. It was recently revealed that the two know each other from outside the show, but have kept it under wraps in the villa.

Oliva and Zara have been feuding ever since Zara entered the villa after she called Olivia two-faced. It was recently revealed that the two know each other from outside the show, but have kept it under wraps in the villa.

Danica hasn’t held back when it comes to giving her opinion on this year’s Islanders, but she is the only one saying what we’ve all been thinking. Speaking to OK Magazine, Danica said Kai is “playing a game”. She said: “Kai knows Olivia’s an easy one to go for, and he probably remembers that she was attracted to him. It’s a bit suspicious that Kai is now, all of a sudden, interested. Where was that from the beginning?”

Danica has continued her predictions, and she reckons that Jessie will forgive Will for his antics in Casa Amor. In her OK Magazine column, Danica said: “Jessie has really grown on me and there was a conversation this week that was really telling. Lana was saying she thinks Will is going to be faithful and quipped about him and Jessie both being very weird people – but that’s a side of Jessie we haven’t seen.”

Danica also revealed that she is on Tanya’s side. She said she backs Tanya for getting to know Martin, who is just what she’s looking for. She said: “I think Tanya will recouple and it’s going to be awful for him [Shaq] to see.”

Anna Vakili

Ex-Islanders about winter Love Island 2023 cast

via Instagram @annavakili_

Anna Vakili was on the 2019 series of Love Island was nothing short of iconic. Since winter Love Island has been airing, a lot of viewers have been drawing comparisons between Anna and Tanyel.

Speaking with The Sun, Anna revealed her thoughts on Tanyel and she thinks the Islander doesn’t even like Kai. She said: “I don’t think she’s into anyone in there. I don’t think she’s even into Kai. I think she’s just trying to have any sort of connection to stay in there. I don’t blame her. It is what it is. You want to stay in there for as long as possible.:

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

A lot of Love Island viewers began comparing queen Ekin-Su to Tanyel, who is currently on the winter series of the show. Ekin-Su hasn’t been giving much of a commentary on the new Islanders as she’s been busy with Dancing On Ice.

However, Ekin-Su did make one comment regarding the comparisons. In a tweet, she said: “I personally can’t see the resemblance.”

Chloe Burrows

via Instagram @chloeburrows

Chloe Burrows is an avid commentator on all things Love Island and it’s quite iconic to be honest. In one comment that absolutely riled fans up, Chloe showed her support for Zara and said: “I don’t want to pick sides but go on Zara!”

Chloe has kept up on live tweeting about this year’s Love Island and during the explosive Casa Amor episode, she said: “Ron is the Jake if this season sorry Jake Cornish.” She continued her tweets and called out Olivia for being annoyed with Kai for recoupling, despite her doing the exact same thing.

Liberty Poole

via Instagram @libertypoolex

Liberty Poole was on Love Island in 2021, and although she didn’t get her happy ending, she is one of the most successful Islanders ever. Liberty has offered fans a theory about two Islanders who have been non-stop feuding on the show, Olivia and Zara. In a YouTube video, Liberty said: “What I have picked up on is that Olivia said, ‘Oh she had to kiss another guy I like, she’s done it again.’ I picked up on that and I’m thinking, ‘Hang on were you guys friends before and she’s go with a guy and you were mates and that’s why you are not friends.’

“There’s that tension already and then she is saying she’s two-faced. There’s an underlying storyline there that we don’t know yet.”

Dami Hope

via Instagram @damihope

Dami Hope is another one of the ex-Islanders who has had a lot to say about the winter Love Island 2023 cast. He has been a non-stop reporter on all things Love Island 2023 on his Twitter page and has provided absolutely everyone with laughs throughout the show so far. Dami has given his opinion on absolutely everyone, so let’s break it down.

When talking about Ron, Dami said: “I’ll be real, I think deep down Ron wants someone more spicier that just looks like Lana.”

Dami also shared his opinion on Shaq, who told Tanya and the villa that he was falling in love with her. In a tweet, Dami said: “Shaq a real loverboy I can’t lie he really down ten toes deep.”

Like all of this, Dami loves farmer Will and is always rooting for him during the show. In a series of tweets, Dami expressed how much Will is a “sweetheart” and “deserves” his time with Jessie.

Demi Jones

via Instagram @demijones1

Former winter Love Island 2020 star Demi Jones is another one of the ex-Islanders who has had their say about the winter Love Island 2023 cast. She has spoken out about her good friend Zara as they two knew each other. In the feud that seems to have lasted and age, Zara and Olivia are still not on the best of terms and Demi Jones has slammed those criticising Zara.

Speaking to The Sun, Demi said: “Zara’s not a gameplayer, she’s just very confident and she knows her own worth and doesn’t settle for anything. She may appear to be coming across like that but it’s because she knows what she wants and is not going to settle for anything less. She’s a confident girl and knows what she wants.”

Davide Sanclimenti

via Instagram @davidesancli

Love Island 2022 winner Davide Sanclimenti has admitted he hasn’t even watched this season of winter Love Island. Speaking to Daily Star, Davide admitted that he and Ekin-Su are so busy the can’t keep up with the show.

He said: “I haven’t been watching and to be honest, I never watched the show before my series. [Ekin-Su and I] are so busy so we can’t commit to it every night. We saw a few of the first episodes but other than that we haven’t been able to commit.”

Love Island 2023 continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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