These are the 10 most annoying people you’ll find at Warwick

Put a finger down if you’ve been aired by a bus driver

So, it seems that you only need to have a single year’s experience to know who you’ll encounter at this prestigious university.

While harmless, these people are still guaranteed to rile you up. From having to inhale that secondhand smoke of vapes at Pop to the notorious back of the bus rugby lads. Don’t worry – this list I have graciously compiled is here to stop you going into shock when you inevitably bump into every single one of them.

1. People who complain about work but do it anyway

We’ll start relatively easy. I think we all know that we’ve met these people: at school and most definitely at uni. Why complain and say you haven’t done the work, when the next minute you’re the one answering all the questions in the seminars? It’s a good thing though, tbf. But just claim it with your chest next time.

2. Serial smokers

Now, let’s talk about why I’m gonna need a lung scan because of all the secondhand smoke inhalation here. Some people just cannot give it a rest. Like, it’s good to breathe oxygen – it’s the air we need – but why make it worse for yourselves with that strawberry-flavoured pollution stick of yours? It’s more so worse for innocent bystanders who just wanna get to their next lecture but instead are attacked with fruit flavoured puffs. Start sucking on the highlighters for your notes next time.

3. Rugby lads

Three words: Loud. Obnoxious. Unhygienic. These boys defo contribute to the polluted air with all that B.O, thinking they’re some next level hearthrob on the buses (don’t even get me started on the buses – there’s more to come). Literally no one wants to hear a steaming group of sweaty rugby lads making the back of the bus their own locker room. Sorry boys. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep winning our games though.

4. Bus drivers

The absolute worst. These drivers will speed past you even if you sprint towards them. They literally don’t care. No sympathy, no consideration. Not to mention making you late for lectures. The timetable might say 9:30am but best to believe it’s coming at midday. I think everyone should just get their driving licence at this point.

5. Silent seminar students

Pin-drop silence. Awkward and uncomfortable. That terrifying moment when your tutor is asking questions and there are zero responses. Someone has to break the ice, but who’s it going to be? No one wants to make eye contact – hiding behind laptops and sipping water, acting like they can’t be seen. Please, for the sake of everyone else in the room, don’t be that person. Be brave – what you’re thinking can’t be that wrong. Or can it? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

6. Londoners

The main characters. Well, so they say. Don’t get me wrong – I’m defo a proud Londoner so I’m guilty of acting this way myself. But I guess I can sympathise with those not from London – all they hear is how incredible and amazing London is. But tbf, the flip side is that London is full of pollution and costs a left kidney to live in. You win some, you lose some. But it’s okay, you can still be jealous of us.

7. Flatmates from Hell

This will make or break your experience living with people. Don’t worry, you can get lucky with your flatmates – genuinely, they could become your best mates. But, on the other hand, there are different levels to this. There are lazy flatmates who don’t take out the bins on their day, but then send angry messages to the group chat. There’s the ones whose milk spills all over your food. The unhygienic ones, who seems to personally be on a mission to cover your kitchen with bacteria. My cutlery went missing from my drawer once, and to this day I still don’t know where it is. You might even get flatmates who you argue with – be warned, things could get heated for sure. All in all, it is still certainly an experience.

8. Fourth floor bandits

Some may say I’m part of this band of outlaws. However, I strongly disagree. Let’s just say the fourth floor of the library is no longer the quiet zone anymore. If you hear cackles of laughter, a football match playing or any other sort of disturbance, just know it is likely to be from this group of people. Your best bet for quiet study might be the Oculus if you find any space. Don’t worry, Warwick is still a very reputable university that produces excellent results – I guess the library just helps you prepare for all different circumstances.

9. People who save spaces for imaginary friends

“Sorry, my friend is sitting there.” This dreadful phrase can be heard in lecture halls,  the library or the FAB. Wherever it is, it’s just so annoying. Whilst I would defo cut ties with my friends if they didn’t manage to save my space, I understand how it can be a drag to see more books on desks than people. It raises the question of who’s actually doing the studying. Saving the desk space is a friendship test and you do manage to weed out all the fake ones. It’s question of loyalty for sure, even if it does boil my blood to see it.

10. Gum smackers

“Chew! Chew! Chew!” – that’s the noise you get when trying to work. The gum-smacking sound you hear so many times just gnaws away at your ears. Literally can’t even focus with that slimy sound, constantly going on and on. It’s like something straight out of a cheesey American high-school movie – the cheerleaders, jocks and teachers all blowing their bubblegum bubbles. It’s the same here, I swear the lecturers are doing it too. Why is everyone infatuated with gum? You can’t escape them, so you might as well join them I guess.

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