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The ins and outs of Glasgow Student Fight Night 2023

From seeing blood to not seeing at all

On Tuesday 24th January, we got to attend the legendary annual black-tie event – Glasgow Uni Fight Night.

From the stewards of SWG3 to the student attendees, the event overall was a once-in-a-lifetime experience… Which is the same case for the fighters who got to participate on the night.

We spoke to Ihab ‘The Pharoah’ Eldaraf before he won his fight later on that night.

How much training did you do for this one night?

“As soon as the fighters were announced we got assigned our training timetable. We went to a boxing gym for Fight Night training three times a week. We did two hours on a Tuesday, one on a Thursday and one on a Friday along with having access to the gym for the rest of the days as part of our open-training. We started with fitness and cardio exercises like burpees, push-ups and tuck-jumps, and then we did some light shadow-boxing to learn techniques to later start body-sparring.”

How does the selection process work?

“The selection process is related to experience, height and weight. I don’t care if I win or lose, no matter what the result is I’ve gained and loved the experience and the training! I will try to maintain the training but unfortunately I can’t apply or be selected to do Glasgow Uni Fight Night again.”

What made you want to do this?

“I saw Fight Night last year and I liked the vibe and the concept.”

What did you eat today?

“Steak minced meat and pasta. I’ve gone from 105kg to 75kg and want to get to 68kg to start bulking up. It’s been really worth it and I will continue training the way I am now but not be so strict on drinking anymore. I’ve been training since October and since I got accepted I’ve been eating healthier and cut back on smoking and drinking.”

How are you feeling?!

“I’m feeling a bit stressed and fearful for it but very excited to get into the ring!”

The event was late to begin but certainly worth the wait as most managed to secure seats and decent viewing positions. Although some fights were more intense than others all fighters put in an amazing effort.

Apart from the absolute thrill, suspense and concern of watching the action unfold, supporting screams for fighters whose names noticeably filled the room was Darcy ‘The Destroyer’ Hamilton and Charlie ‘and the knockout factory’ Webster, girls whose fight was as good as their friends’ and family’s support.

We then spoke to Callum, one of the organisers. He said:

“The event went very well – the best to date. There were a couple of surprises on who I thought was going to win so that made it an interesting night.

“The group that compete on Tuesday gelled so well together and there was great camaraderie amongst them all. They also all went for a Christmas night out together in December! Fight night is a great way to make new friends too.

“SWG3 managed everything very well too – it’s the first time we had both the TV studio and acid bar open at the same time so the queues weren’t long for getting a drink. The added punch machine competition was great fun too!

“On to the next one in March. Ideally we’ll do one a semester next time rather than one in January and one in March. It’s just the way it worked out with booking the venue dates.

“If you wish to participate in the next fight night in November later this year you can sign up via this link.”