Five ways Newcastle Uni is helping students in the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has had a profound effect on students financially and mentally

Newcastle University is one of many universities helping their students during the cost of living crisis, through a number of support systems, financial aid, food deals/reduced prices and charitable aid.

1. Reduced food prices

Newcastle University recently announced reduced food prices, enabling students to get breakfast or lunch options for just £1. These options can be found at the Chicken Shack, Bites, the Business School Cafe, and the Courtyard.

The breakfast option includes a porridge pot or a breakfast bun, with a hot drink or orange juice which can be found at Chicken Shack between 10am-11.30am. This option can also be found at Bites and the Business School Cafe, however, they do not include the breakfast bun as an option.

The lunch option available between the times of 12pm-2pm includes a soup and a bun, which is available at The Courtyard, Bites and Business School Cafe.

2. The Pantry

This was recently implemented back in October, and helps to combat the negative stigma around students asking for help. This can be accessed by all students and therefore provides them with a range of supplies to support students with the rising costs of groceries and toiletries. These include pasta, rice, chocolate bars, soap, detergents and even stationary like folders, notepads and pens.

The Pantry can be found next to the Welfare and Advice Hub in the Students’ Union Building, and students are free to take what they want. A great addition to the union and a great way to help students who need financial support.

3. Subsidised cost of laundry

Newcastle University have provided all students with the facilties for reduced laundry costs. Students can use the laundry facilities at Kensington Terrace accommodation, where they can get a wash or a dry done for £1.10 or both for £2.20.

This helps combat the quite pricey cost of laundry at many student accommodations, with some accommodations costing £6 for a wash and a dry so the support from the uni can help students save a bit more money with their washing.

4. Financial advice and support

All students can meet with a financial advisor who can provide professional advice on students’ financial decisions, as well as, providing information on bursaries and loans.

There is also a course available on Canvas, which teaches students about money management and can be used as a great addition to the webpage from the Financial Team, discussing topics such as banking, living costs, and credit.

5. Societies

The Students’ Union have allowed for a six week period where students join an academic/course based society, and choose whether they would like to pay for a membership. This reduces the stress of the financial decision to pay for a membership upfront and allows you to see if the society is the right one for you.

Moreover, the SU have provided students with subsidised ticketed events and even free events, that don’t require memberships enabling students to participate in something they like without having to worry about a financial commitment or a social commitment. This includes activities such as badminton, squash, table tennis, baking and even DIY calendar making. Sounds interesting I can’t lie, might have to try that one myself.