An ode to Zara: The best girl in the villa on winter Love Island 2023

The casting team are really in their bag this season

Winter Love Island 2023 needed something and no one could put their finger on it and that was until Zara entered the villa and proved to be the best girl this series.

Her head is constantly held high, she stands up for what’s right and doesn’t take crap from anyone and that alone is enough to highlight what an absolute icon she is. Whether you’ve taken to Zara or not, there is no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with and she’ll be the Island you think of in future seasons and remember how good she was on the show.

Zara’s icon energy is something we need more of in the winter Love Island 2023 villa and if you’re still not convinced – here’s an ode to why she is the best girl on this year’s series.

She’s sitting on a bad boy piece of information

Zara’s fate of being the best girl in the villa this year was sealed when she told Tanya she was “sitting on a bad boy piece of information.” There is nothing more iconic than when Islanders make pop culture references in the villa and viewers get an insight into their personality beyond the show.

The moment was too iconic and guaranteed a lot of people almost jumped out of their sofas when they heard her say that. Zara is most definitely counting her lucky stars that she ended things with Tom and avoided being involved in whatever love shape situation he is about to embark on.

Her Instagram is a MASSIVE vibe

A lot of the Islanders purged their Instagrams before they entered the villa, but Queen Zara did nothing of the sort and has let Love Island fans in on her life. Whether she is celebrating her birthday in Canary Wharf, travelling around the world or showing off her incredible outfits, her Instagram is the best vibe of the season. You simply have to stan.

She stands up for herself and is a confident queen

If there’s one thing about Zara, she’s not going to let anyone walk over her or talk down to her and you have to rate the impeccable confidence. When Olivia called Zara fake, Zara delivered the best line of the series. When Zara said: “Do you think I travelled 11 hours from England to piss you off?”, everyone’s jaws dropped and rightfully so! No one saw it coming, and she did not stutter which made it even better.

When Tom’s eye began wandering, Zara realised he was not the guy for her and held her head high and cut things off with him. No one is going to bring her down and she’s going to find the man for her. After all, it is Love Island.

Zara is a girls girl through and through!

Despite any grievances Zara may have about Olivia, she always there to support her girls. As soon as Zara found out that Tom kissed Ellie despite telling Olivia he didn’t like Ellie and was only interested in her, Zara knew what to do. No girl is going to be made to look like a fool on her watch. Iconic!

If somehow you’re still not convinced, these memes will prove why Zara is the best girl on winter Love Island 2023

1. You tell them!!

2. It’s simple really

3. She’s just minding her business!

4. Don’t you look silly!


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