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A to Z of Bristol Uni: It’s time to relearn the alphabet but Bristol Uni style

Can you guess what K stands for?

A- A.S.S

The arena for the most intense game of musical chairs in exam season.

B- Brandon Hill

The ideal spot to live your best Skins wannabe life.

C- Clifton Off-License

Every single flavour of Dragon Soop is stocked here. Where else would you go?

D- The Downs

Perfect spot for cute summer BBQs and sunny drinks.

E- Energy drinks

Fuelling the walk home from Motion to Stoke Bishop.

F- Fashion show

Woodland Road becomes a catwalk between lectures.

G- Gravity

Where else would you get with a rugby boy wearing a hideous costume?

H- Hiatt Baker

Spawn point of Bristol BNOCs.

I- Iced coffee

Nothing tastes better than a cheeky Source Café iced latte and any self-respecting Bristol girl would never order anything else.

J- Jason Donervan

Drunk Bristol students gather like a moth to a lightbulb.

K- K.

I don’t think I need to elaborate.

L- La Rocca

J+ La Rocca= ideal Friday night.

M- St. Michaels Hill

The reason you were told to “watch out for the hills” when you got your offer.

N- Nicotine

Whether it’s an Elf Bar or rollies, you probably know someone with a taste for nicotine.

O- Online learning

Because students famously never wanted lockdown to end.

P- Poppers

This one could be just me, but it still deserved a place.

Q- Queen’s Ave bus stop

The top spot for freshers to have a blem and some gossip while waiting for the U1.

R- Roll me a cigarette?

As soon as you start to roll in a smoking area, this is all you’re going to hear.

S- Strikes

18 days off next month? Yeah, can the uni just pay the lecturers already?

T- Turnitin

Turnitin deadlines getting closer takes years off my life every time.

U- U1

When you’re blacked out this becomes a teleportation device.

V- Voi

Zoom Zoom! Everyone’s fav orange scooters.

W- Wills Memorial Library

When you want to pretend you got that Oxbridge offer…

X- Xpelled

You if you fail all your exams lol. DM us if you can think of a better one.

Y- Year out

Let me tell you all about my Gap Yah….

Z- Zoot

The best end to an afters to put you right to sleep.

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