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‘I don’t care what you think’: Everything TikTok’s ‘scar girl’ has said about her facial scar

She’s had the scar since March 2020

TikToker Annie Bonelli, who may be better known as scar girl, has taken over our For You Pages with her videos. Whether it’s her own videos or people’s discourse about her scar, there is a never ending conversation about Annie and whether her scar is real or not.

If you’re not too familiar with the story, Annie has a dark facial scar on the left side of her face but a lot of people on TikTok aren’t convinced that it is real. TikTok users have pointed out the darkness of the scar and have claimed it “moves” around her face, but Annie has denied this, leaving TikTokers divided.

Annie has spoken her own truth about the scar, and so instead of taking other people’s opinions as gospel, here’s everything that Annie AKA scar girl has said about her scar.

‘I don’t care what you think’

In one video responding to all the hate comments she had been receiving. In a three minute long video, Annie said she felt like she had to address the situation because “I wake up every day with so many hate comments about my scar and people trying to tell me the scar on my face is fake, which is a little bit weird, but it’s okay.”

In the video, the TikToker said she has two scars and she got a chemical burn on top of her original scar, which caused the colour of it to darken. She said: “It was like this big but it’s not the same scar. The second one was from a chemical burn that was on top of that and that’s why it’s in the same place and it was up here for a second because it was healing.”

“I also take a long time to heal, that’s just how my body works. You are not me and our health is different. If I was going wipe over here, there’s literally fucking nothing. I’m sorry if this blows everyone’s mind.”


Felt like it was time tbh

Felt like it was time tbh

‘My account was made to show those out there, they’re more than their scars’

In another video, Annie explained how in March 2020 she originally tried to cover up her first scar with cosmetics but her skin had a bad reaction to it, resulting in the scar she now has. In the caption of a video, she said: “I had a poor reaction to the first topical I tried in an attempt to fade it. I was sloppy applying it as well and this led to a longer injury.”

She continued to say her account was made to let people know “they are more than their scars.” She said: “No one should make a comment on someone’s scars, especially not knowing the history behind that scar or the person on the screen.”


hey guys, originally in March of 2020 when I was injured and realized that this would be a permanent mark on my face forever I was embarrassed. I was so upset that I thought my face was ruined as insecure as I was already at 15 navigating highschool. I felt like the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror and smile was taken away from me because of a cruel situation. It was until one day that I realized that covering my scar and openly hating it was a disservice to those close to me and myself suffering from insecurities. While I decided not to cover it for those reasons it never fully went away and neither did my insecurities because when I looked in the mirror I saw the reason behind why it was there. Unfortunately I had a poor reaction to the first topical I tried in an attempt to fade it. I was sloppy applying it as well and this led to a longer injury. I was in a dark place knowing that it was now even worse. I had to wait til that fully healed to start a second treatment which I began in august. Since then, this treatment has been super invasive and I cannot emphasize the pain directed around that injury. It’s at a point where it genuinely does look gross, it has risen and it’s scabbed over. I also did not think about how tanner would get in the scabbed area when I did it. It should get better with time but unfortunately all of my scars do still heal brown. While I don’t think it’s right that people mindlessly comment hate for whatever reason it is, I do make a decision to put myself out on the internet. My account was made to show those out there, they’re more than their scars. Not to have a comment section showing those same people they should hate themselves because of their scars. I’ll never stop using my platform for DV awareness and body positivity. I hope this video is what y’all need to move on or at least understand. No one should make a comment on someone’s scars, especially not knowing the history behind that scar or the person on the screen. If anyone ever needs to talk my dms are open, I would love to listen to your stories and hype y’all up. I promise I hear u and I see u. Thank you and I hope y’all will move with grace in the future.

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‘You can’t please everyone’

Speaking to NBC News, Annie said she avoided talking about her scar until people began to notice it and make comments about it on her TikTok. She said: “When people were noticing and they were getting curious, I still wasn’t bringing anything up about the scar because I didn’t want to be me, like, who I was. So I think it honestly just sparked more curiosity with people.”

In response to receiving negative comments because of her scar, Annie has accepted she “can’t please everyone.” “I’m continuing. to live my life, especially in spite of the hate. There’s people that are always going to say something, and I shouldn’t let that phase me,” she added. Annie got the name scar girl on TikTok, after people began to notice her scar getting darker.

via Instagram @annbonelli

After a few months of having the original scar, it began to fade, but Annie said it worsened after she used a topical treatment to fade the scar and got a chemical burn from it. She described it as “bubbly and bloody and gross.” Annie said: “That turned into a new wound on top of it, which is why the scar became significantly longer, because I just sloppily put it on.

“I wasn’t thinking that I’d have a reaction like that, but also my skin is really sensitive so I probably should have taken it into account.” Annie told NBC that she started to see a dermatologist in August 2022 and is being put on new treatment to fade the scar but she declined to share records of the appointments.

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